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  • hiliter58 hiliter58 Jan 14, 2013 10:26 AM Flag


    all these attacks on each other are futile.. instead of all this talking , try to discuss the merits or news or lack of news from the company. why are we all here??? i'm here to try to make money and go on to the next stock, or add on to this one. i need more information to make these decisions and until then , I will stay involved here until the news motivates me to change. STAY FOCUSED................

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    • What you do here is your choice, but I can tell you this,... If you have ever heard of Golden Eagle Intl then you know what LODE is all about. Although LODE has been R/S into $ land it's value hasn't moved at all. IMHO is still a penny stock and a terrible investment. You can dress a turd up any way you like, but it still stinks and isn't something I would want in my portfolio!

      LODE is a LOAD and if you look at the Ppl involved in this Pyramid scheme with an objective point of view (instead of wishful thinking) then you will turn, sell and run as fast as you can out of this penny scam!

      If you are going to park your money as a hedge against inflation I would certainly rather have my money in hard physical precious metals such as Gold & Silver.!

      IMHO - This company's owner is a white collar thief and the stock is simply another of his CD debt scams!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • i don't know what your stock position is ,however, you seem to be dispeased with the way the company operates, so , why not ask them what you want to know as to the reasons they have not reported their milestones for progress and other concerns you have and see what they have to say . by saying what you put in this message you add nothing to resolve any concerns you have, but , only help those less interested in finding out what is going on as to assist other people/bashers in their effort to keep the pps down for their interest in making money on the other side of the stock transactions.

    • You said that very well, and I agree.

      Sentiment: Hold

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