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  • jimkilcoyne99 jimkilcoyne99 Jan 26, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

    From the Bleachers

    Some of you may recoginize me as being a former LODE investor. I sold out last Sept at 3.35 thinking then it was a good time to take profits. I bought my last shares of LODE in May, 2012 at 1.61. Now I see the PPS has dropped back into that buying range again.

    I currently hold no shares. That's why I am posting as an observor, not a current player. Honestly, this is disappointing. Although all the metrics, and my gut, told me to dump all shares at 3.35, I was hoping even then I was wrong. But now, I am not anxious to jump back in. I was a complete novice in PM and mining back in 2008 when I bought my first shares of then Goldspring.! have I learned along the way.

    Comstock Mining is enduring what a lot of small businesses are suffering. And yes, technically, CMI is classified as a small business by SBA definition. Our economy is stuck in stagflation, and the re-election of obummer gaurantees it staying BEST case....for at least 4 more years. It'll probably get worse, before it gets better.

    I have also advocated getting into real estate. I am so glad I took that plunge some years back, thanks to the encouragement of another former LODE shareholder, jaygore. RE is ripe for the taking right now. I strongly urge you to investigate the possibilities in your own areas.

    My stock portfolio has turned conservative: GE, T, BMY, MO, etc and some slightly risker REITs like AGNC, NLY, etc...

    All that said, I will remain a fan of the Comstock and sincerely wish the best to all LODE Long Rangers! Still would like to share a toast at the Bucket of Blood someday.

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    • this is uncle soy checking in, too -

      i also have a soft spot for this company because it launched my career on that first run from triple 0's to over 6 cents -

      with the P&P i'm legging back into this - the fed is spending over $45 billion PER MONTH levitating these markets and there is a global debasement occurring -

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      • Hello Soy and Jim,

        I sold my LODE at around 2.90 for a very solid 50% gain.

        LODE is fairly valued at around 2.0, but will probably have good gains when production increases.

        I remember some weirdo on this board who was a Gold City local who hated the LODE trucks driving past his bedroom window at 7:00 am, some burned-out wasted aging hippie who sold his handmade jewelry on the weekend as a supplement to gov't entitlement payments. He shorted at something like 1.0 HA HA !

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Yeah, right. Small business is really hurting. The Russell 2000 index, which tracks small-cap domestic stocks, is up nearly 50% since early 2009 (the start of Obama's first term). LODE is down nearly 50% over the same period.

      But wait, wait, but Obama's destroying the value of the dollar with quantitative easing. . . and this will help gold stocks! Hmm, wait a minute. The dollar index has been remarkably non-volatile since 2009 as well. Basically a straight line.

      But wait wait, Obama's spending programs are going to cause massive inflation and this is good for gold! Hmm, wait a minute. Treasury yields are at historical lows. Anybody who bought treasuries in 2009 is sitting on huge gains off the drop in the interest rates alone.

      But wait wait, Obama's a green energy terrorist and his policies will cause energy prices to spike. Hmm, wait a minute. Natural gas prices have plummeted as the true extent of the reserves in the U.S have risen. Domestic energy production is on the verge of one the largest (if not the largest) boons the U.S has ever seen.

      You are correct about one thing though. The situation for LODE may get worse before it gets better. Funny how you forgot to mention that this may just have something to do with the horribly dilutive recapitalization LODE seems to love.

    • I see no now, it's all the president's fault that LODE is not successful. If anyone believes this flimflam kilcoyne you deserve what you get and that's nothing.

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