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  • mmitty60 mmitty60 Mar 15, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    congrats to those of us fortunate to get new shares at 1.93 as millions of other sharers go for 2.00

    as millions of other sharers go for 2.00.... Rangebound till the 5M new shares sell and new news is released.
    Just a matter of time...not that, not what, not if....but when.

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    • Just sold those shares....nothing wrong with making .15 on 3000 shares..... Pocket change, but love pointing out how foolish the local dillweed is. How dare oink/momo/tam (same person) state what a lousy company LODE is..... 5 million shares were snapped up at $2.00..... Going up, going down, nobody knows on a daily basis. Long term, we rally as results and positive news keeps coming. Expect announcement any day that the march to 400 ounces a week has happened. Holding long and taking gifts along the way too....

    • Strange lack of enthusiasm about CMI's financials. Even if production is doubled this year (unlikely) -- that's only $20 million in revenues or $5 million (max) in profits in 2014. Which values the company at (at best) $100 million. Strictly small time.

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      • miner...are you talking about lode???? this company had zero production last august, stated they would pour in sept, stated they would pour 200 oz a week, targeted 400 oz a week and are almost at target...your estimated revs are low ball....your estimated profits are too high. First few years, it takes more cash in than out....there's no profit for now, unless statistical accounting is used, Try using long term thought...where will they be in 5 short years??? Try 800 ounces a week....try gold at $3000 and silver at $50. crunch those optimistic numbers will ya?

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