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  • pillowsforsoldiers pillowsforsoldiers Apr 26, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Newbies Please notice Bashers are only really talking to themselves

    So ask yourself . . . what is their motivation? To help save you?? Don't be naive. They are being paid to bash.
    The legit stock holders like myself have pretty much left this board and most of us are holding and adding LODE shares. Do your own diligence like we have and make your own educated decisions. But the fact is LODE (Comstock Mining) is in production and is producing gold and silver (you can actually visit the mine yourself and see with your own eyes) . . . and honstly silver may be the big money maker here but the bashers won't talk about it, will ya bahers?

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    • Pillows is schezo-affective. 'Nuf said.

    • Investors count Sheep at night. Short bashers count turds at night.
      A miserable lot for sure.

    • I thought you got killed by your own unit in Tahiti? Anyways, I'm glad you're back!
      I need a few chuckles from a pea-brain like you!

    • Ya Right pillowpump!!! Just look at the shr price IDIOT, oh I forgot, you can't do MATH!!! Wasn't you that made a post of 400 oz = 26 Million Bucks!!! Ya, your an educated idiot alright, school of what, dizzy???
      And if you care to talk about the K's & Q's, will have it out!!! I guess I will waste my time and Post some of the HighLights from their Filings, and show the in place authorized, and the .65 Cent Preferred Shrs the ELITE Get each and every month, just as when this LOAD of Crapola was GSPiG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Don't Listen to these """To The Moon Dreamers Possie Gang""" They have all moved to I Hubby to fool NewBies over there with their so called Reasons why this will be a 100 Buck Stck like Ol' softy came back here and stated no to long ago!!! Now we have pillowpump back with his Math Skills!!!!!!!!! What a JOKE!!!
      Just look at the historical Prices, it's been an avg 2 buck stock FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! And these Pumping Idiots will do anything to Break Even on the backs of un aware NEWBIES as yourselves!!!!!!! Don't fall for the FLUFF of Passing Wind of Da'Gas Peddler. Every time Fluff News comes out it TANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It's a Preferred ATM Machine, and that's it!!!!!!!!! JMHO of Course!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now go sell some more pillows you Math Man!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way, my MOTIVE is I GOT BURNED on GSPiG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Now it a LOAD!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to boo_coo_mamo
      • See wjhat I mean? Draw them out and bashers reveal themsleves. You bashers are so easy. Pathetic losers.

        Any time pig #$%$. What is your real name or are you too chicken sh** to share it.
        We all know that answer to that.

        The only reason the bashers don't become pumpers and pump LODE stock is because Comstock Mining is legit and the bashers know it. They are short and way under $2.00. Seriously why else would they waste their time on something they claim is a scam? Because they are the scam and they know that too. Actually everyone knows it, so all you "newbies" that the bashers think they are talking too, use your common sense . . . and I could care less if you buy LODE stock or not. That is your decision, but if you believe the bashers of LODE on this board then you are just bellieving their lies and deception. They point the finger with 3 fingers pointing back at themselves. And look at that, Boo Coo admits he got "burned" by GSPG. Gee Boo Coo. How come I didn't??? And to you newbies. who do you want to listen to? A loser who does not know how to invest and when he loses he wants revenge? Or do you want to listen to people who are not pumping this stock (regardless of what bashers say because you see they need pumpers or bashers can't exist, so they fabricate them). We have done our research, we know LODE is in production and we have invested "risk" dollars knowing we could lose them. It is part of life. Taking risk. Too bad the bashers have never grown up. You see they are poor little victims and can never take responsibility for their own failures. It just has to be someone elses fault. Go f yousellf bashers. You're useless.

      • IGNORE!

        Sentiment: Hold

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