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  • hiliter58 hiliter58 Sep 10, 2013 11:54 AM Flag


    several investor groups and metals analyst have the same opionion to the value of the precious metals, that in the next several years and beyond , the metals gold/silver will be in tremendous demand, due to the fact the supply will not be adequate to meet the tremendous demand for them. the cost to get it out of the ground will didtate the rise in the precious metals now and in the future. buy now or you will miss out on your retirement nest eggssssss. IMHO

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    • Agreed, I've read several analyst that said the break even cost per ounce for most producers is a thousand bucks. If the price falls below that then they would shut down operations until it comes up. And of course, if they were to shut down an even greater scarcity results and the price necessarily climbs. CMI is looking at a production cost of less that eight hundred bucks an ounce and should never face the need to shut down. The second world countries that are moving into first world class will drive the market. And they like gold and silver.
      I don't like the dilution, it really bugs me and I can't say there won't be more if the company sees an opportunity that it won't pass up again. but soon the cash flow is going to be significantly increased and will continue to increase. More hiring and more expansion on the horizon. $4.50 by April is my hope, dividends by late 2016, at the latest. (Now we will see if that guy is really going to stay gone!)

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