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  • diduknow2 diduknow2 Oct 26, 2006 7:54 AM Flag

    Lilly Class Action

    Discrimination at Lilly a Close Up Look

    Well it is back in the media again. As you may be aware a class action lawsuit was filed against Lilly in federal court this past April.

    It appears that NAACP has partnered with this class. During the Indy Branch NAACP annual fund raiser dinner it was reported that Bruce Gordan, National President NAACP was the guest speaker. He delivered a powerful message on today's generation commitments to Civil Rights Movements. It was also reported there were at least twenty or more Eli Lilly executives who attended, most likely for the first time, including Mr.Taurel, Mr.Murphy, Mr. Rice, along with most of the leaders of Lilly's Diversity Division and leaders of Lilly's African American Network.

    Shortly thereafter, according to local media reports such as the Indianapolis recorder and the local Radio One station, law offices have been opened in several locations in Indiana, close to Lilly Headquarters and Plant Sites, for discovery. It has been noted that Lilly employees are coming into these offices by the masses.

    In addition a meeting was held at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, hosted by Dr. Brown, son of Dr. Andrew J. Brown and Dr. King, nephew of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was reported that the church was filled with Lilly employees and it appeared to be in the format of a Civil Rights Movement.

    The question is; What does this mean for Lilly? Even more important what does this mean for the shareholders?

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    • There have been over 900 posts to this topic and who knows how many different people have posted here. It is time to generate more because we can never forget how RACIST behaviors and actions destroy success. Please know that I have never been ashamed to stand up for civil rights without the need to hide behind some fake username as the imposters here posted. This is why my image was front and center on the lawsuit. Plaintiffs attorneys decided not to move forward with the class, many of the victims of Eli Lilly RACIST employment discrimination (allegations) continue to stand strong in their convictions and lawsuits against this pharmaceutical giant. This is not over! In fact, the Indiana courts are flooded with them. Over the years of this lawsuit a lot of things have changed at Eli Lilly, unfortunately discrimination is not one of them. Haunting memories of the black doll with the noose around its neck has been burned in my mind and my soul forever more. I will never forget; yet I have forgiven the wicked offenders because the forgiveness is through the Christ in me, for me to be able to move on beyond this tragedy and not allow it to destroy my salvation. There is not a day that goes by where I do not pray for those who tormented and mistreated me at Lilly. I pray that they will ask for forgiveness as well. God is merciful.

    • Oh ,what crap!

    • Another non-related story with the same old cut and paste rants. BORING

    • (Reuters) - Drugmaker Novartis AG must pay $250 million in punitive damages to more than 5,000 current and former women employees, a jury ruled on Wednesday, two days after finding a U.S. division of the company discriminated against women over pay, promotion and pregnancy.

      David Sanford, a lawyer for the women, said he was delighted.

      "This is a vindication of everything that has happened in this courtroom over the last two months," Sanford told reporters after the verdict.

      He said the verdict had sent a message to Novartis and other companies that "they cannot continue to get away with the discrimination and systemic problems that have occurred for so long."

      In the first part of their ruling on Monday, the jury awarded $3.3 million in compensatory damages to 12 of the women who testified at the 6-week long trial. The award to the 12 women opens the door for the 5,588 other women in the class who can now also apply for compensatory damages.

      Sanford had argued in court on Tuesday that the jury should award between $190 million and $285 million in punitive damages, which is about 2 to 3 percent of the company's $9.5 billion 2009 revenue.

      Novartis lawyer, Richard Schnadig, told the jury that not all of the plaintiffs agreed with the lawsuit and the company was already pushing ahead with changes.

      The case is Velez et al v Novartis Corporation, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, No. 04-09194.

      "We will fight until Eli Lilly does right by African Americans in employment”
      Cassandra Welch

      The legal actions were announced at 11 a.m. Tuesday on the steps of the U.S. District Courthouse in Indianapolis by Angela Ciccolo, National General Counsel of the NAACP; plaintiffs’ spokesperson Cassandra Welch; and the plaintiffs’ attorney and new Co-lead Counsel David Sanford, of Sanford Wittels & Heisler LLP.

      Sanford Wittels & Heisler, a national civil rights firm with offices in Washington, D.C., New York City and San Francisco have joined with Rose & Rose, a civil rights firm in Washington, DC, as Lead Counsel in the matter.

      “Lilly discriminates against its African-American employees by advancing the company’s white employees more quickly, and by denying African-American employees equal job assignments, promotional opportunities, training, compensation and other benefits of employment,” said Mr. Sanford, Co-Lead Class Counsel. “These actions are part of Lilly’s continuing pattern and practice of treating African-American employees differently from white employees. Such callous and unlawful behavior gives a new and warped meaning to the term ‘lily white.’ It cannot be allowed to continue.”

      Ms. Welch resided in Indianapolis during her employment by Lilly from 1992 until 2004. She is a long-time member of the NAACP, which is committed to the improvement of the social and economic status of minority groups, the elimination of racial prejudice and discrimination, and the attainment of civil rights and equal opportunities for its members and others. The majority of the members of the NAACP are African American.

      “I have been subjected to blatant and persistent pay discrimination throughout my tenure at Lilly,” said Ms. Welch. “I had to endure years of racist comments and threats – including having a dark-colored doll with a noose around its neck left on my desk – just to remain employed. My complaints to supervisors were never properly investigated, and I was ultimately let go by the company based on an untrue allegation by a co-worker.”

      Similar employment horror stories of the nine class representatives are described in the filing and in the more than 100 declarations.

      David Sandford: BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!!!

    • The stock price fell to $27 in 2009 due to all the criminal convictions, lawsuits, and lies by Lilly

      The Plaintiffs have never wanted to settle. The Plaintiffs plan to move forward with strong merit in dozens of individual trials where Lilly will continue to lose case after case costing the company millions. The negative media around these trials will continue to destroy the Lilly brand. Many company executives will hit the hot seat during the trials and the information that comes from them will be nothing less than explosive.

      The Plaintiffs are anxiously awaiting their days in court. So if it is a decade of trial fighting that Lilly wants; that is exactly what they are getting! The shareholders will be undoubtedly thrilled with the publicity and the cost.

      Remember, Lilly has won nothing. The complaint of all blacks against Lilly is still fully operative and ongoing. The merits of the named Plaintiffs cases are yet to be heard and tried.

      The lawyers on both sides wanted to settle but just could not reach any agreements, yet. All of the secret meetings resulted in nothing but lawyers fighting lawyers. In most cases the clients have not even been considered, Lilly included. Lawyers play to their own tune as to what is in it for them.

      For Defense Counsel; to continue with this for the next 10 years only provides Lilly bankroll for their firms so therefore the damages to the Lilly brand and the employees are secondary. Their strategy is to divide and conquer by blackmailing all internal blacks with termination and signing a release of all claims against Lilly to get their severance packages. The former employees they plan to fight on every single discovery issue, deposition, and trial; then lose, after dragging the company through years (more than a decade) of damaging and costly litigation.

      Lilly hired NAACP former president, Bruce Gordan and paid him an astronomical amount to deter the Boycott. This still is a possibility as the leadership changes and the process to approve such actions can be time, even with all the huge under the table pay off by Lilly.

      So when you say Lilly plans to fight this one; what you are really saying is Lilly, upon recommendation from counsel, will continue to burden the courts, discriminate against its employees, and spin ungodly amounts to defend its guilt of racist actions in employments for years to come while lining the pockets of the lawyers, only to lose case after case and continue to be subjected to negative publicity and nationally known as a racist company.

      Lilly can fight, but anyway you slice it they will continue to be the Losers!

    • Looks like the NAACP has once again shown it's true colors presenting Van Jones an honor.

      Van Jones given the NAACP President's Award for 2010,

      "In America, we ultimately judge people on what they are doing today for tomorrow, not for what they did yesterday". Benjamin Todd Jealous is president and CEO of the NAACP. The NAACP Image Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts and literature, as well as individuals or groups who promote social justice through their creative endeavors.

      Looks like confusion once again, yesterday, today, tomorrow or is it more likely what benifits the NAACP most. ME, ME, ME

    • Sorry but the initial prediction was $15 ... given how they like to twist facts and backtrack $25 may have been a later prediction but $15 was stated again 6-Jun-09 09:20 am.

      I would ask the poster to provide proof of the claim that the 5500 reduction will include "all the blacks" ... but we know that's just another lie.

      Guess they figured too many weak cases to grant a class actoin and that's why the NAACP backed away. It's good that each case will be heard and each person will need to prove their case.

    • The stock finished the year at 35.71 and the lawsuit was far from over, let alone lost. The predictions stated specifically by the end of the year or by 2010. I simply took the predictions that could be addressed by the dates used and the response was nothing but smoke, mirrors and the never-ending rhetoric. By the way, what ever happened to the "boycott"?
      The plaintiffs are still thinking that Lilly should have rolled over and settled but the company decided this one was worth fighting.

    • 1) Well, the truth is this prediction was not far off as far as the stock prices. The year ended barely above $30 and during 2009 went down to about $25.

      We have not reached the first quarter of the year yet, and with all the FDA warnings, I suggest we not get too cocky we are still way too close to $25 too be boastful.

      2) The court record shows the Plaintiffs dropped the class certification motion. And ordered all Plaintiffs (about 2000) blacks all be represented individually.

      It seems to me now instead of having one case with 12 lawyers; Lilly now faces hundreds of cases with multiple dozens of lawyers in practically every state. There is no chance of global peace on this for Lilly now. Further at any time any one can bring another class charge against the company in a more friendly state like NY or California. It appears that's already in the works too.

      With the company targeting all the blacks for downsizing and the 150 named Plaintiffs lawyers lining up in every state to take a bite out of the Lilly pie,it looks like Lilly discrimination lawsuits will be endless. The court record displays it will only be a matter of a few short weeks until every black employed by Lilly since 2002 will get court communication to go out and file suit, if they choose.With so many lawyers already contacting each group in each state, chances are most; if not all of them will retain counsel.

      The damage to the Lilly brand is done! When I say Lilly; you say racist LAWSUITS.Each Plaintiff can now claim retaliation and unlimited puntative damages. One lawsuit won could result in more than it would have cost the company to settle them all, especially on the east and west coast where the attorneys are like paranas and the courts are very liberal.

      At the end of the day Lilly lawyers played this one right into the Plaintiffs hands with no resolution in sight for the company.

      But maybe that was the plan, think of the endless bankroll the lawyers will get in representing the company against hundreds of suits verses one. Yes, Plaintiffs attorneys are swiming like sharks that see red Lilly blood in the water and they are very hungry.

      The race question may still be open where Lilly is concerned but there is little doubt they are gulity of costly stupidity!

    • Black CFO says Lilly is a great company, and always looks out for minorities. This class action theory is unfounded in fact. This is a great mid-western USA drug company with great products and a full pipeline. In addition the forward PE is low and the dividend is high (6%).

      • 1 Reply to lws2000
      • Time is drawing near!
        National Boycott NAACP v Eli Lilly

        Summary African American Forum Leadership Summit- August 2009
        50 members attended, 5 of which were African Americans, and 4 of those 5 are unnamed members of the lawsuit. Another 18 (non African Americans) are witnesses for the Plaintiff’s lawsuit against Lilly for racist behaviors and actions in employment.
        Congratulations on putting together this team, Lilly!

        Layers of diversity committees and networks have been formed to address Eli Lilly’s growing concerns with minorities, which according to Lilly’s admission in the summit, are;
        1. Failure of compliance with EEO-1 requirements referencing the company’s Affirmative Action Deliveries, highlighting women and minorities
        2. Failures in Development of Minorities
        3. Failures in Promotion of Minorities
        4. Failures in Retention of Minorities
        5. Lack of Integrity, Trust, and Respect between Management and all employees, especially minorities

        When questioned; Lilly’s Diversity VP, Martin, presented that because of legal concerns with breaking the numbers down by ethnicity, the company has decided to hide such detailed data from the Leadership Summit and address the issue from the perspective of all minorities.

        Suggested resolutions; Training, Diversity Advertisements, and heavy utilization of internal and external lawyers.

        All management will undergo extensive training by external contracted firm in Trust and Integrity. Then these team leaders will be trained as trainer to go out and train their perspective groups on trust.

        This sounds like an exact repeat of how Lilly managed EEO Complaints with the Consulting Pairs as a result of an external consultant team, who by the way got rich off of Lilly and the result of the “Pairs” is credited for the national lawsuit.

        This company continues to do the same things wrong and expect a different result.

        Here is advisement that Lilly does not have to enter into a long-term multimillion dollar contract to receive, in fact its just plain old school logic; start with this;

        “Trust has to be Earned” you can’t teach it in a class and expect it to suddenly happen. It comes through earnest actions and behaviors.
        Only together can this be accomplished.

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