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  • pharmainvestor11 pharmainvestor11 Jan 25, 2010 3:52 PM Flag

    Another lie from our President

    1. First Obama promised to give us "great changes" from imbecile and no-good POS Bush.

    Well we got changes:
    - The number one Obama priority of bailing out Wall Street oligarchs is the same one we had under GWB
    - Obama spends another/additional $800B on paying back to his union supporters. This is a change from GWB. This is a transfer of another $800B from hard-working American taxpayers to union bosses.
    - Obama tried to muzzle through health-care reform to socialize our medicine and, at the same time, to reward medical insurance companies oligarchs. This shit, thanks God to Obama who became too cocky , did NOT go through.

    2. Obama promised to be a peace-president and close the Guantanamo concentration camp. He lied.

    - Guantanamo is still there for an indefinite future.
    - Iraq is still there.
    - America is still fighting in Somalia.
    - Obama initiated his own wars in Afghanistan and in Pakistan
    - He gave a green-light to Zionist-terrorists to grab as much Arab territories as they please.
    - Now, with the recent CIA job, Obama is about to invade Yemen. Remember that it was CIA who founded Al Qaida?

    2. Now, Obama gives us a new lie. He will follow Paul Volcker's advice and break to-big-to-fail banks. Unfortunately, Obama is lying. Why? Because his own Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and FED's Ben Bernanke are still his people in charge and they are against this new idea of breaking banking monopolies.

    Anymore takers (suckers) for Obama lies? I am confident there are plenty of suckers left to buy Obama promises.

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    • Obama got elected for 3 basic reasons.

      1. There was an incredible Bush backlash

      2. McCain chose Palin which made a hell of
      a lot of people nervous.

      3. So much of the electorate that voted for
      Obama was clueless to the issues and what
      he is all about. Now, finally, many of
      these independents are figuring it out.

      If unemployment stays high, and they opt to
      still put that sheik on public trial,
      the democrats will get slaughtered in November.

    • billea Feb 5, 2010 10:35 AM Flag

      Ever see the Obama girl? Sharp looking as hell, and voted for Obama cause she thought he was hot - WELL, THAT IS THE KIND OF CRAP THAT PUT QUEEN NANCY'S KID IN THE PREZ SPOT. When I was 18 years old I was in the Military and couldn't vote, and that's the way it should be - I knew my role in the Military but didn't know crap about who to vote for and today we got a bunch of kids voting for someone who they think is cool. Well, he is cool alright and doesn't know crap. Pushing the bxtch Nancy,s health care crap for one year, and after Brown get's elected say's SOB IT'S THE UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM. Change alright, and a nation that won't be second to none, hell no try 3rd or 4th.

    • Pharma,

      We are so far over our head with this debt it isn't funny.

      By next year we'll be $14 Trillion in the hole. So lets all remember what a "Trillion" really is.

      It would take ONE TRILLION inches to walk completely around the earth 634 times.

      It would take ONE TRILLION inchs to make 66 complete round trips to the moon and back.

      ONE TRILLION seconds ago was March 29,700 B.C.

    • Dude, YOU FREAKIN' ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I wish more people felt like you. Here I am, without health insurance for 5 years and I still didn't want Bammy's health care plan. Sure, it would have been nice to have insurance again (brother, would it ever!) but me and my family had to care about more than just ourselves; we had to think of people who be living in this country long after we're dead. It is a shame with all the taxes Americans pay that we don't have some kind of basic coverage, I DO think that's utterly ridiculous, but again, they won't do that, they want something far worse. It was like Hillary Care all over again. AND -- you are so right about everything else you said!
      Again brother, you ROCK.

    • The difference between you and some of us on this board is ..... we KNEW he was full of lies and therefore did not vote for him!

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      • billea Feb 3, 2010 3:52 PM Flag

        wmdear - Amen, This so called Prez went to a church for 20 years plus with a so called preacher saying G-D America and people still voted for this phony. Oblamebush should eat a can of beans and rip a big fart and Queen Nancy's nose would blow out of his xss and send the witch to the west coast and cut down on her flying expenses.

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