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  • kaz-modan kaz-modan Feb 22, 1998 8:49 AM Flag

    Lilly hiring

    loginname1234567, you are funny!!! lly return past 5 years was over 400%. if management doesn`t know what they are doing, just think when they know what they are doing.

    i am amazed at the wealth of info you have. are you an insider at lly and pfe?

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    • I am not insider. However, I was in Indianapolis for several years at IU and I have a lot of friends at Lilly and IU.Please
      think about PCS, Lilly bought it with more than 4 billions and now it only worth about 1.4 billions. Do you think this is right?
      Do not talk about quality people, just think about the work can be done by one now it is shared by two. Do you think this is
      right way. Everyone knows Lilly's net profit(at least 50%) comes from Prozac and three years later Prozac will be marked by a lot
      of company as you can see Canada/Australia (Prozac sales dropped greatly). As everyone knows, If people find job in east or
      west coast they will not go to Indiana! The management do make mistake as I said like PCS. The same mistake may happen soon
      (regarding hiring) as my friends(IU) told me. Also Evista is preventive pill not for treatment and it is still not clear whether evista
      has anything to do with cancer. Do you think the insurance company will pay for it. Please use your own mind to make a decision.
      To be honest, I think Lilly will be OK within three years. If no drug can replace Prozac, think about it!

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      • I would like to commend on your message about what kind of people Lilly is hiring. I am not going to discuss about the "smart" and "stupid" issue since we all depend on other people as members of the society. So, be nice to other people, loginname123456.
        Now let talk about Lilly hiring. Loginname123456, do you know how Lilly does its recruiting and what process it use to get the people? I do know about it.

        First, the recruiting process at Lilly is a complex one. Candidates are carefully screened. Of course, if there is no supervision, how could Lilly coordinate the recruiting effort at all sites?

        Second, the candidate qualification is no doubt an important aspect of the recruiting process. Let me tell you this: if you are a BS candidate without an undergraduate research, sorry, you are not qualified for the interview. So, the school you come from would not be a deciding factor, but your qualification is absolutely one of them.

        Third, you said the work that used to be done by one person now shared by two. Do you how many new projects Lilly have in its research program? In order to maintain the 20% growth rate and to minimize the effect of Prozac later on, Lilly must increase its research related work force to work on new projects. It is not because the low work efficiency as you have suggested.

        Hope this will clear up your confusion.

        Thanks to Sundaytrader (message 460) and Kaz-modan (message 462).


      • 1.I may be wrong, but I thought Prozac represented 43% of net profits, not "at least 50%."

        2. If you are correct about the aversion smart people have for Indiana, is this something new, or have not-so-smart folks been running LLY all these years and been faking it?

        3. Suppose LLY can come up with a number of new drugs, which, in toto, can effectively replace Prozac's earning power?

        4. Do you think, as a public service, we warn other companies located in Indiana to get out now, while the going is good?

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