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  • eightironfrom160 eightironfrom160 Feb 14, 2000 6:26 PM Flag

    shareholder revolt

    Let the uprising begin!! First stop, the annual
    love fest, I mean, meeting, when Sir Sidney tells us
    about the "bold, strategic moves LLY will make," and
    how the "companies and employees will make us into
    the top pharma company (not, of course, based on any
    financial metrics--maybe based on altruism?) Of course, I
    expect the line, "Wall ST obviously doesn't know how to
    value us." Thats the same BS I heard when I was there
    in the early 90's before Tobias, AN OUTSIDER, made
    something happen. I sense internal implosion at Lilly, Us
    (Go it alone, Wall St doesn't like us, etc.) v. them
    (the big evil mergers).

    I'm surprised we
    haven't seen something out of Indy. The farther LLY
    falls, the more acquisition-bait they become--but don't
    get your hopes up mgmt will drive--it will be one
    ugly hostile takeover if it happens.

    I wish I
    could bail but, as a former higly overpaid manager, I'm
    stuck until I can stomach a REASONABLE capital loss
    (you can only deduce so much).

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    • The best thing that can happen is for LLY to test
      60 1/2 one more time this week (sardistic, I know)
      and go back up to around 68-70 next week instead of
      hoovering around 61+ like this.
      Did you people hear
      that BMY is trying to settle Taxol law suit out of
      court? If this happens, BMY might be free to merge/take
      over (?LLY) sooner than the expected March.

    • yep to bottomdweller's comment--5 yr study--they
      will probably start doing analyis at end of yr
      2--could be good news if seperation at that

      Evista is slowly on its way to a $1b but taking the 2
      lane hwy v. the interstate.

      One inherant
      problem is Evista, along with Tamoxifen, may be the first
      truly preventative drug. Managed care hates it but
      women and the media could make them look bad if Evista
      gets a nod for breast cancer. What concerns me are the
      MDs. MD's are, for the most part, plumbers (i.e.
      fixers). YOu're sick, you go to the doc and get the leak
      repaired. It's a different mentality (esp for men) to
      prescribe a drug long term that prevents a disease yet
      doesn't immediately solve a problem (like high
      cholestrol). Who's going to pay for this 15 yrs benefit? The
      pharmacoeconomics have better be solid or mgd care punts.

      help MD's, LLY is targeting not just family MD's but
      OB'/GYN who 1)are increaingly becoming more female
      dominated and 2)are more use to the prevention discussion.

    • There is an ongoing trial to compare Tamoxifen
      and Evista in Breast Ca prevention. The bad news is
      the trial will take another ?5years to complete.There
      won't be any news on that front for a long while
      (unless the study is stopped prematurely due to
      unexpected positive or negative finding).

    • Since you are a former employee, why is lly lying
      about the Humulin, and insisting that everyone can
      switch and no one has a problem on it? What has happened
      to this once fine company? A friend of mine called
      them today to find out why no one can find the pork
      insulin here in the states, that they insist we should be
      able to use, if we can't use the Humulin, and she said
      they were transferring her from one office to another,
      and it was almost like they were trying to come up
      with an answer. They told her they were still making
      it, here in the states, but they did not know where.
      WHAT!!!!!. Granted, Humulin works for some, but when you
      make a claim that everyone can use it and no one has a
      problem on it, you had better be ready to back it up, and
      they cannot back it up. The media is working on this
      story about the humulin, someone from the press called
      me last Friday. I will swear this on a Bible to you.
      LLY has dug themselves a deep hole, with this
      coverup. I have nothing against you people, I am just
      trying to warn you, LLY has been found out. I am not the
      only one contacting Senators, Congresspeople, the
      media, etc. There is a massive audience going to hear
      this story soon. I feel as sorry for you people as I
      do for the diabetics suffering who have been forced
      to use the Humulin, since they stopped producing the
      Iletin I. You put your faith and trust in this company
      by buying lly shares, just as we have for decades
      had faith in them and trusted their superior
      insulins. For years they were a superior company, but they
      have dug their own grave with this coverup.

      • 1 Reply to insulinoldtimer
      • fair question. you are right--not every drug
        works in all people. Usually, there's almost always an
        alternative or a new drug on the horizon.

        The bottom
        line is (i think) your on pork insulin and can't
        tolerate genetically engineered insulin (Humulin is one,
        Novo also has one with AVE on the way with another)
        Have you tried these?. I'm assuming (don't remember)
        LLY is last remain pork insulin producer.

        remeber much discussion about closing down Iletin
        production but wasn't directly involved. Probably, in the
        end, the goal was to get people to Humulin b/c they
        were afraid to go or the MD was ignorant and wouldn't
        switch them and I'm sure the clinical people would make
        the claim everyone SHOULD be able to use. Safe to say
        some financial parameters also had something to do
        with it.

        No doubt, with no other supply, this
        is a huge moral conundrum. Sorry, I'm a capitalist
        at heart and want to see my options increase not
        slide into the north atlantic with the Titanic. LLY has
        every right to stop production--they are not the govt.
        But there are issues, particularly PR as it relates
        to the moral dilemna, to manage. IF I MADE THIS
        find out soon if your story comes to life how prepared
        LLY is.

        Also, if there's really a huge, animal
        insulin mkt (you've claimed 300k users), some mfgr should
        jump in, right? sounds like an opportunity???

        Regardless, your story does make some sense now--I think most
        board participants have issues with your sensationalism
        on PRozac et al which are groundless. You stated the
        facts on Humulin clearly. But unfortunately for your
        crusade, I the market is emotionless is the long run--at
        worse, LLY gets a black eye. It will heal.

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