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  • eightironfrom160 eightironfrom160 Feb 15, 2000 9:28 AM Flag

    shareholder revolt

    At least your honest, which is a virtue of most
    of the LLY employees. Thank you for making my point
    regarding LLY internal implosion---the us v. the cruel
    world mentality is alive and well in bldg 72 and

    But last I looked, LLY was a public company, not the
    federal govt (which IS the mentality--"leave us
    alone?"--that was precious). Sorry, but you work for ME, the
    shareholder. I will not tolerate 4 yrs of flatline. You think
    the institutions will tolerate 4 yrs of

    Funny, haven't heard about this great pipeline--but 4
    yrs is a long time, even in the drug industry--this
    means your counting on phase II drugs, most of which
    will fail. (just of a cold hard fact of

    Believe it our not, I clearly understand your point. LLY
    sits in exclusion from the rest of the pharma world,
    almost exclusively due to its location in Indy. Run up
    the road to Kalamazoo (Upjohn) if you think poor
    performance and flat stock price will keep you independent.

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