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  • ieatmonkeybrain ieatmonkeybrain Jul 14, 2012 6:53 PM Flag

    Metro's Problem

    These guys simply don't have enough spectrum. On a single tower VZ can deliver 8x as much data as PCS simply because they have that much more spectrum. PCS has lost it's competitive advantage as the low cost provider. If you think about it, voice only requires 28k, whereas 4G needs at least 2000k. That's over 100 times as much BW to cover a single customer compared to the good ol' days of just voice and text. When it comes to data, PCS, with their weak spectrum holdings simply can't compete. They have to build 8 times as many towers as VZ to deliver the same service, which kills their low cost business model. In the pre-data days, they had the advantage (by not building in rural areas). Now they have no scale and cost advantage. They are screwed.

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    • so far it seems like the service is fine thinking VOIP will have some sort of solution for this problem who knows in the meantime there service for 50.00 a month unlimited is GREAT and no contract GREAT :) if not there is alway virgin...boost or cricket etc

    • I read the report awhile back and crunched the numbers. If you can prove that as of end of last quarter PCS had more than 6% of its users as 4G LTE customers, I will gladly donate $1000 to a charity of your choice and email you a recipt/copy of the check:)

    • I am not sure what "report" you are referring too. Here is the Q1-12 c.c.:

      I do not see any reference to LTE being only "5%," if this the "report" you mean.

      In fact the c.c states 45% of PCS subs have a "smartphone," but that does not necessarily mean G4-LTE.

    • <<These are not numbers do not support your statement.>>

      What I meant to say: These are numbers which do not support your statement. ;-)

    • The main point being, PCS Internet and texting quality and speed, coverage area and strength of signal, and voice quality have all improved on the 4G phones.

      This was accomplished without any more spectrum.

      One day not that far from now, there will be VOLTE phones too.

    • So you're basically saying that unless MetroPCS (and all other companies) emulate Verizon, they are screwed.

      Remember - you are not everyone. Just because you want more speed does not mean everyone else feels that way. Do you own a tablet? I'm guessing the answer is yes; you are still in the MINORITY. Air card? Smaller minority. So tell me why a company that does not sell tables or air cards would need a huge amount of spectrum.

    • You fool.. 4g is 5x spectrally efficient than 3 g... they will have more than enough spectrum for a complete 4g experience (volte)....they only have 10 mln clients .. 25 mhz of spectrum vs 110 at VZ ... how many clients does VZ have to handle?? Plus, what would happen when PCS acquires more spectrum?? Or, better yet, when PCS is bought for their spectrum which is valued at $2.4 bln...

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      • No. Actually They don't. That's why they are so desperately seeking spectrum. And where do you think they are going to get this magical spectrum from? A government auction? Yes. And who will they be bidding against? VZ and T, which can pony up billions. While 4G is more spectrally efficient, it also leads to users using much more bandwidth to stream youtube/netflix and other data hogging apps. Without more spectrum, they can't compete. And to get more spectrum, they will have to spend billions. Billions of additionaly debt, which is usually bad for the equity holders.