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  • ohiomale216 ohiomale216 Oct 3, 2012 7:16 AM Flag

    T Mobile / PCS Hook Up

    Seems a lot of noise going on over this and when you look deep you can see no advantage for PCS other then dealing with Sprint.
    T Mobile is on the low end of the ball and will be yrs before they can build out but with Sprint they both are build out and still building a larger LTE market not to mention the large scale of retail phones Sprint has along with the iphone and only time will tell what other Apple toys and cable companies Sprint will be dealing with in the near future.
    Also lets remmebr Sprint went just minutes in to signing with PCS this past yr so everything has been put in place already between the both of them and since PCS has not made coment on T Mobile it could be the door was always open for Sprint if they wish to return.

    Sprint in the short term still has much more to offer then a T Moble deal with PCS and was not long ago there was even a T mobile /Sprint deal in the makeing so go figure.