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  • ohiomale216 ohiomale216 Oct 4, 2012 9:02 AM Flag

    The Deal Stinks

    well that all i have read so far and many sellers seem to believe it by the way the price is droping from a high of $14.50.Now we have a law firm saying PCS is being Low Balled and should sell for more money now when you get into that mess it could be yrs before a True Share Price comes about.
    Buy the way just what is the price they are paying per share? $4.00 and what happens after that and at what share price will it reverse at and how long from now?
    Seems there are a lot of lose ends here to tie and made public maybe share holders been better to sell at the high and buy back in on the drop that always happens after a sell off and grab the $4.00 then and just maybe another run up when the true value comes out per share.This seems to be a much stranger merger then had Sprint gone thru with thier deal as the Price per share was stated up front with the totoal buy out Price.
    So the way i see it is if the stock drops back to the lows with a reverse split to Boot the share holders could lose a lot of money well all except the $4.00 per share that you own.

    what a shakey deal all I can figure is if i had a 1000 shares and sold at say $14 I could bank 14k and buy back at the dip. but if I sold them same share today at I would lose 2K already of buy back today and still have 2k left in the bank. this is going to be real interesting to see what pans out but remember they are talking a yr. maybe before the deal passes and who knows how many dips there will be by then .

    Good Luck

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