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  • ohiomale216 ohiomale216 Oct 6, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

    Could it Be ?

    Could it be that this board meeting has nothing to do with PCS at all?. seems to me PCS stated they have been in talks the last few months with a number of parties and i can't believe Sprint wasn't one of them
    One thing is for sure both Dish and Directv are looking at wireless companies and maybe this meeting has to do with that. Sprint would be a Great suiter for them and Hess already stated there could be mergers or agreements in the future and this PCS byout went public to fast as if the other parties may not have been interested in a deal and T Mobil was the best they could do so I am thinking maybe a cable deal is about to happen even more now that the cable companies are leaveing Clearwire.
    Both these cable companies stated they may need wireless to stay in the ball game with the other cable companies and Sprint to me would make a lot of sense.
    Also lets not forget Sprints board stopped the byout Hess had with PCS in Feb. and it was never made public why only rummors and hear say.

    So if Sprint was to counter offer I would be willing to bet Sprint also has other Deal about to happen that would help cover this byout.which makes me think why didn't Dish or Directtv step into the PCS deal with all thier money and needing wireless as it could have been a good startng point. MAYBE