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  • mmciii2000 mmciii2000 Oct 7, 2012 9:07 AM Flag

    What's in it for a PCS stock holder?

    PCS has a market cap of 4.6 billion, at 12.65/share gives approximately 363,636,000 shares.

    1st payoff for PCS stock holder is 1.49B,
    or $4.09 per share, payable prior to 1:2 reverse split

    4.6B-1.49B leaves 3.11 billion for the new merged company.

    26% of 3.11B goes to PCS stockholders or 808,600 million
    74% of 3.11B goes to T Mobile or 2.3 Billion

    PCS stock compensation is 1.49B+0.8086B is only 2.3 Billion

    or $6.325 per share.

    Am I missing anything?

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