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  • hoootie05 hoootie05 May 12, 2004 1:02 PM Flag



    Are u lost for words? Your comments regarding ONEV?
    When are we going to hear your pick? ever? Its gonna take some doing to top ONEV..

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    • I'm already in for 125,000 shares.
      I'd like to see a big volume move next... and then I will likely pick up another 25,000.

    • I bet its' earnings....quite period.

    • Bought more USTT today.... The more I'm reading about USTT, the more I like.

      Equity, the "kid" is calling the CEO today, to see what is up.
      The "kid" is also frustrated.

      Uncle Hoooooooootiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee

    • Thanks...we need more positive press releases from them (USTT). I think Boater mentioned that they are reporting soon, so they may be holding back on any new releases....

    • 400,000 shares...big pain then. I'm just dabbling in USTT now. So I don't have that much invested.

      BTW: Thanks for the tips on USTT. I've been reading their news briefs (as have many here). It certainly looks like they are undervalued at under $1.

      Thanks and congrats on your success.


    • With Ameritrade I can trade from 8am until 6:30pm maybe until 8pm though I never tried that late.

      In regards to trading penny stocks, or any stocks for that matter, if you use technical analysis and wait for the right moment, you can remove a whole lot of risk.

      I sell the stocks that move in the wrong GTW, CALM and SGMA, but.....
      I continue to watch them as they become greater values. The lower a stock goes on improving fundamentals the higher or the more it will return when the money flows back into it. I hate idle money.

    • Well, I use a DAB (direct access broker)...can trade non-stop from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m (the after-hours option is pretty important to me because I'm often not around throughout the day because of my job).

      Maybe I should consider opening an account with Ameritrade...but then again, for every ONEV that comes along, there are 10 other penny stocks that'll cost you every dime you put in them...

    • Heh yeah I saw ONEV...great call there by equity. I didn't comment on it cause I never bothered even looking it over. I checked a quote and saw it trading for about 2 cents...and took no further action because 1) I couldn't ever bring myself into sinking enough money into a $0.02 stock to make it worth my while and 2) it wasn't economically feasible for me to trade it given the amount of commissions I would have to pay for that many shares. For instance, if I had sunk $25k into the stock...that would buy me 1,250,000 shares. Having a per-trade (up to 10,000 shares) and a per-share plan (0.005 per share)...I would have been paying an arm and a leg in commissions alone. So obviously it was a non-starter for me.

      I'm wondering what brokerage equity uses, because I know practically all of them would charge you a TON in commissions to push around that many shares of a penny stock like this. In the past, the lowest I've paid for a "penny stock" has been around 50 cents, not 2 cents. So equity, how did you do it without getting killed on commissions?

      As for the company itself...honestly, I'd like to see the product myself, because what they claim to have pulled off is pretty damn amazing. Companies like Lernhout & Hauspie (now bankrupt), IBM, Nuance, InterVoice...etc have tried for years to build a voice/dictation product like this with little success. And thats why "voice" command products never took off like they were *supposed* to. They just never really worked well enough. After all these years of research, we are still only at point where we are using voice commands for pre-set words (like in those menus you call for customer service). And now some micro company trading for pennies on the dollar has built a product light years ahead of anyone else?? So call me a bit of a skeptic...but I just don't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. If their product really does work as well as they say it does...this stock would be worth $100 bucks, not $0.11 cents. On that note, equity you took a gamble and made out like a bandit on this one...and thats all it really boils down to...MAKING MONEY. I would buy into a turd-manufacturer if I thought the stock was going up.

      Anyway, again kudos to you equity...and lemme know what brokerage you used to buy these shares and what kind of commissions they charged you...because I am really curious.

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      • I use Ameritrade and pay $11 per trade period.

        As far as your comments regarding this stock and its' did trade at $25.00 back in 1999, like many other internet stocks, but this isn't an internet stock, it just took a beating like one.

        Their product is remarkable and unique (and patented), but they primarily built it for telecommunication companies for wireless products....we all know what happened in 2000 with those stocks. Also the same can be said for CapEx spending and RD for new product use.

        The time is perfect, if this is a new recovery in the economic cycle, which all evidence points to, for this type of product.

        Plain language voice recognition....I'm ready.

        100,000,000 million shares traded today. That's 30% more than what is available....
        At a $10 Million current market cap and the big announcement from Windows. I think this could see $100 Million in Market Cap or $1.25 a share....real soon...and I think the volume is telling that story...not me.

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