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  • JLMFL JLMFL Mar 24, 2000 3:27 PM Flag



    As a happy employee, and one
    who is pleased with the direction and leadership at
    CIBER, it would serve no purpose to get involved in the
    morale discussion for as you point out at every company
    there are happy and unhappy campers. I did want to
    point out to you that the ASP arm of CIBER is Agilera
    not Agilent.

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    • My mistake. I did know that but my fingers/mind slipped. Agilera..Agilera...Agilera...OK, I've got it


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      • The crucial thing is whether CBR is losing good
        employees with the technical and people skills that are
        cutting edge.

        Consultants are generally high
        1. the poor ones because they hurt the business and
        are terminated.
        2. the good ones because they are
        often lured away (for more money, stock options in a
        hotter stock, and less travel) by the companies they
        consult for.

        CBR management and investors like the
        first kind of turnover.

        I get the impression
        that mamagement believes that a more dynamic, higher
        priced CBR stock will help CBR to retain the best

        And it will make me happy

        Another thing that would make me happy would be a buyout
        of CBR at anywhere near the premium on the buyout of
        MMWW. CBR and other similar companies provide strategic
        value to the right merger partners worth far in excess
        of the stock price.

        I just hope that
        management doesn't get married to all of the ambitious plans
        (which "oft gang aglay") and ignore and reject
        overatures from prospective suitors.

        A few birds in
        the hand now are worth the possibility of a flock
        sometime in the distant future, especially when the stock
        market doesn't give your company much respect (only got
        1 bird in the hand now <grin>.

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