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  • fjgto fjgto May 13, 2000 8:30 PM Flag

    I want to believe...

    This sector is out of favor unless they are
    bringing in foreign help -check out Mastech this

    Mark my words - this is the big year for consolidation
    in this industry - when 2nd quarter comes in bad for
    these companies and it will - the only thing left to do
    is merge to cut expenses. Margins will never get
    back up because the customers have gotten wise to the
    game and seen the principals ride off in their private
    jets -the party is over !

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    • i.e. Agilera and DigiTerra. For one, there were
      to many groups associated with CIBER and it was
      difficult to create a unique identity within the company
      (EAS, ESG, BIT, CSG, CEO, etc.) Regardless of whether
      anybody realizes it or not, CIBER has essentially become
      a holding company in the consulting arena. The same
      scenario would be true if, for example, Deloitte and
      Touche did a carve-out of their five core competency
      businesses. Mark my words, there WILL be an increase in
      shareholder value - and the reason will be very obvious at a
      later date. Spin-offs and carve-outs are not considered
      an immediate value-add to shareholders anymore.
      However, if you do enough DD, you will see that the
      Agilera and DigiTerra business plans have actual merit,
      direction, strong management and most importantly -
      referable customers. Hold on to your CBR shares longs.

    • I agree about the consolidation but I'm not sure
      the party is over. The party is just not as big or
      wild as your typical college kegger.

      The demand
      is starting to ramp up again and I think the best
      companies will prevail. CIBER has as good a chance as any
      but they will have to perform. I expect CIBER, Keane,
      CTG, etc. to see some consolidation with the Web
      darlings who need depth and scale. Companies like
      Razorfish, Proxicom, Viant, etc. Time will tell.

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