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  • sonny_pinplenern sonny_pinplenern May 18, 2000 1:09 PM Flag

    CIBER is not gonna spinoff

    NO WAY!

    They wanna grow BIG

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    • IPO/carve-out spinoffs are public

      I'd guess that they'd be postponed until market
      conditions guarantee a favorable reception but the intention
      of management is to cut up the company into
      different, eventually independent parts.

      Where have
      you been that you don't know this?

      Check the
      news from when CBR had it last big run above 23. The
      reason was the annoucement of the planned IPO of
      Digiterra (unnamed at the time).

      Our best ROI is if
      management sells the whole company to a stronger player for
      a big premium on the current pitiful market price.
      But I fear they have deluded themselves to believe
      that they can increase the share price by carving up
      the business.

    • >CIBER is not gonna spinoff

      >They wanna grow BIG

      You need to check the
      batteries in your cluemeter, Sonny. CBR has already carved
      out DigiTerra as their "package enabled e-business
      subsidiary" (blarg) This is all the pieces that they stuffed
      together, gee, seems like just last year under the "One
      Ciber" initiative. Oh, it was. Hell, they barely got to
      use the new business cards.

      DigiTerra will
      supposedly go IPO soon and current shareholders may get some
      crumbs in the fall. There are other pieces being chopped
      out that I can't remember offhand, i think their Web
      design boutique is one of them.

      I've already had
      one limit sell go through at 20 for 100 shares, I
      hope I can get out in pieces all the way up to

      As a former employee who left on good terms from a
      subsidiary, I had great faith in Mac and Co. But the last
      year's flailings are starting to have the pungent reek
      of flop sweat.

    • Spinoffs seem to be the wrong direction to take.
      I was wondering if CBR is the sort of company that
      a larger company might want to

      Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it a preposterous
      idea? or could it happen?

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      • Go back and read my previous posts on this board.
        There WILL BE lots of cosolidation in this industry in
        the 2nd half of this year. The big 4 do not want to
        be perceived as body shops so they will stay away
        from buying in this group, but it is such a good value
        that CA or IBM may jump in.
        The only way to succeed
        in this industry now is too lower overhead and
        management pay to offset the commodity margins in place
        By the way - these companies have no idea how to do
        projects so do not look for a move that direction to bail
        them out, if they try they will start losing big $$$$.

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