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  • fjgto fjgto Sep 22, 2000 11:01 AM Flag

    The Un-Perfect Storm

    Companies like Ciber are out of favor right now
    because they cannot provide THE STREET with any evidence
    that they can turn it around. As I have noted for
    several months the only way for these companies to build
    value for their shareholders is to merge or be
    With the recent purchase of PW by HP maybe
    this will start happening and an influx of new ideas
    and enthusiasm will result.
    Maybe then can they
    weather this Un-Perfect Storm.

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    • Companies with vision understand the accretive
      value (employee careers, customer expansion,
      shareholder wealth) appropriate business combinations can
      provide thru m&a. Slingerlend is a banker and Bob
      Stevenson a 'staffing guy', whose vision of m&a has created
      the current condition. There idea of vision is, what
      can we do to create a buzz and raise the share price.
      Evidence, the constant change in corporate direction,
      frivolous press releases and lack of leadership.

      Have any of you shareholders received any
      communication from CIBER's executive leadership, explaining the
      value of there 4-CIBER strategy? Dates? The answer is
      no, why? because as Mac's brainchild, this scheme has
      completely exploded in his face. The value of digitera is
      $.50 (have you witnessed the ERP market lately),
      agilera equity is now 25% (they cannot distance
      themselves fast enough from Mac) and IP/H20stone is anyones

      How can you make a MAJOR announcement in
      march to devide a $700-Million business entity and not
      explain value to your shareholders? Some companies send
      out shareholder apologies if they don't grow by 15%
      in a year. CIBER has eroded it's stock value by 75%
      in 9 months and these clowns are sponsoring
      $1-Million golf tournaments and paying for purple 'i' TV
      ads. I have never witnessed such poor senior
      leadership, questionable financial practices(recent 10KT)and
      a complete disregard for shareholder value.

      The shellgame is over this quarter, no more fiscal
      year accounting changes, no more Y2K woes, no more
      1-Ciber e-Business framework, no more 'we are
      transitioning', just the vision Mac&Bobby and the revenue growth
      that is sure to bring a return to shareholder

      I repeat, Ciber is irrepairably broken and needs
      'outside' correcting. Canning Slingerlend will not even
      solve their problems, besides maybe his banking skills
      can finally be put to use for shareholders by selling
      this relic or dealing with solvency - whichever comes

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      • My experience is that the public staffing
        companies do not communicate well with the shareholders.
        They are too used to running their own show and do not
        want "outsiders" meddling in their business.
        problem as identified is lack of vision and if there is
        one, the lack of the ability to communicate it to the
        shareholders or the employees.
        The market will turn around
        as companies realize they cannot hire all the
        fulltimers they need.
        Lets only hope that all the good
        people have not abandoned the staffing ship by

        With the stock erosion in this industry you would
        think buy offers would be knocking the doors down.

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