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  • maddlemanll maddlemanll Mar 22, 2001 3:48 PM Flag

    hey blacklab.....

    are you a Ciber employee? , why is that you like to write "good" things about Ciber?
    If you are an employee, what is your branch and what is your "project" at this moment?
    is it an "i" solution?

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    • I'm not a CIBER employee, and your not Bill Romanowski.

      I know a lot of insiders that CBR has treated very well, given career paths to, and opportunities to grow in this business. I'm sure there are plenty of "horror stories" from disgruntled employees that will slam me on this one, but tell me one I/T services company that hasn't had problems in this market, and I'll tell you to go work at MarchFirst.

      By the way, MarchFirst will most likely close their doors in April, unless MSFT or someone else bails them out again.

      Please look at the facts...CIBER is still profitable, they can still make payroll, they have $$ in that bank, and they have a business model that works.

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      • Blacklab you never cease to amaze me with your determination to try and spins gold thread out of this pile of crap.

        Wow, CIBER can make payroll. I'll get on etrade right away and buy 5,000 shares!

        By the way, MarchFirst always made payroll too - right to the end when it went completely under.

        I guess if your business objective is to go through the motions to try and look like a solution provider but not really be one, while secretly getting all your "profitablity" from vendor list body shopping at $450 per day, and expecting your technical employees to quit (or be laid off due to lack of business) after an average of about 18 months, then the business model is working just fine.

      • Of course you are a ciber employee blacklab.

        We can all tell by the way you dismiss the horrible facts about how ciber treats its people as stories from "disgruntled" employees, and the way you avoid direct questions such as those posed by jake in his last post. Also, it is a dead giveaway that you are a ciber employee, by the way you type ciber in all caps...CIBER. That is the way Mac and his dummies want it typed in memos and letters and marketing materials. It is an internal rule within the company. If you were not an employee you would not be typing it that way. Also I have seen posts from you in the past where you talk about "your branch" ,etc. So stop with the lies already.

        And, just like Mac, you like to pick a really bad failure example and try and make it look like ciber is good company in comparison. MarchFirst failed - so that makes ciber's crappy peformance okay? How about firms that are doing well and thriving - why not do some comparisons against those?

        And since when was making payroll a measure of a great company. You are really grasping at straws now. And you want to call failed performance, high turnover, and a stock price in the crapper the mark of a "business model that works"?

        Keep posting, it is amusing entertainment.

      • Just look at how much better they could do if they merged with 1-2 other large companies in this space. The G&A and Corporate overhead in some of these companies is way too high, and this makes them prime for plucking.
        Lets hope someone with $ see this and buys.

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