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  • ceezbeck ceezbeck Mar 16, 2004 10:26 AM Flag


    Isn't it amazing that there are no bashers as the stock storms ahead. What happened to Mr. Drysdale? Great to look at this board from work and see all longs posting again. Keep up the good work

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    • No, not because you trade stocks. I do the same thing. I don't buy and hold every stock. You're a scumbag because you go to boards and try to "bash" the stock to get people to sell so you can buy in lower. Has no effect anyway, but because you're trying to do it makes you lowlife. All we have to do is look at your past posts to see that you're angry (0bviously because you're getting burned) and you don't have what it takes....boy.

      Go DCTH!!

    • You say I'm low because I trade stocks??? And you're not because you buy and hold????????
      You're one strange dude.
      Methinks you might be pissed because you see that you could have sold today and bought back here already for a quick 30 cents or so and it bugs you that you ain't got what it takes, boy.

    • You're the lowest of the lowest scumbags drysdale. Go try to bash another stock so you can daytrade. Not going to happen here.

      Oh, and before you say it to me, FCK U TOO!!

      Go DCTH!!

    • I honestly hope it works out for you. For me, it is not worth the risk. After you figure in trading fees, and the times you got burnt and had to buy back higer. Well, in the long run it is safer to hold and maybe buy some on the dips. In the end I believe this play will be more lucrative. JMHO

    • <<< Great to look at this board from work and see all longs posting again >>>

      Just to point out, not many of us are posting. We've simply little interest in the daily price movements; we're believers in the long term prospects for the stock. For me, I like the 1 year outlook more than even as recently as 2 mos ago.

    • I'm here. Like I said, of course I don't bash after I buy. I bought some yesterday afternoon and just sold it for a decent profit.
      The low float and the lack of any other treatment for inoperable liver cancer make this one hard to call. Just gonna try to trade it and won't bash too much unless I really think it's overbought. Looks like my buy at $2.20 may never happen but I still was able to participate in this run. Oh well, can't be exactly right all the time.

    • He moved on to MAMA. I think he is spreading a rumor that Cuban is gay. Cause we all know that is about the extent of his DD. ;-)

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