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  • gappingup gappingup Nov 21, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    I got crushed listening to Lucky

    I don't want to get into your little blog wars Lucky - but I listened to you and loaded up on DCTH and now I'm screwed. Maybe over time you'll do better but I don't like being this far into the red.

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    • I cannot believe you buy a stock based on internet advice and then blame the guy. Look in the mirror and you will see the dope to blame.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Relax, a reasonable assumption is that sometime within the next 7 months there will be a nice profit to be had and quite possibly by Feb. - Mar.

      If that isn't sufficient, the old adage about Heat and kitchens can always be implemented.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You are not the only one to lose money on DCTH. The really interesting part is how they fare in Europe, Asia, Australia, and then onto the USA and world markets. The product has promise, and the paltry sums we've paid will be well compensated once the numbers roll in. It's a penny stock, it will be volatile. Hang tight, Delcath is not going away. Isolating diseased organs is an approach that will find a niche, and put all doubts to rest, while saving lives.

    • Let me set you straight.

      I have no inside information nor am I an analyst. I read charts and charts can change from one day to the other. My knowledge allows me to enter into a trade at a specific price where support and resistance is located and therefore risk a small amount, but whether support or resistance levels hold up is not something I can tell with any great certainty.

      What I do to improve my chances of success is diversify into 6-10 stocks, never have all my eggs in one basket, spread my risk as well as profit potential across the board and play a money preservation game. The key, of course, is that I get involved at specific entry points where my risk is the smallest possible which means that when I am wrong, and I am wrong often, I take a small loss. When I am right, I let my profits run so I make more when I win than when I lose.

      If you got "crushed" listening to me then you plainly did not listen well because you did NOT follow my trading approach.

      I repeat, I have NO inside knowledge or fundamental analytic expertise. I listen and follow the big money that has more knowledge and expertise than I do. The only difference is that I can READ charts and analyze for the best entry points into the trade as well as come up with the probability numbers that make the trade doable or not.

      I do not say state anything more than that. If you follow ALL my trading mentions you will end up making money every year. If you use your own discretion in trading the results will vary according to how well or not your OWN luck runs.

      I do not depend on Lucky and I do not gamble. I manage my money in a way where the probabilities of success at the END OF THE YEAR are in my favor. Nothing more and nothing less.

      So stop blaming me for your own losses. If you lost money you were responsible, not me. I just give information that is useful. If you do not want information that is useful, then simply throw a dart at the wall and trade that way.

      Go jump in a lake.

    • Man up.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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