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  • strongbuy33 strongbuy33 May 7, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    DCTH will get approval on Sep...... Will see $1 shortly. Like AFFY

    DCTH will get approval on Sep...... Will see $1 shortly. Like AFFY

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    • Approval will take the pps to a minimum of 4-5$

    • You are living in dreamland! DCTH is a dead duck... 18 months or more to retest Gen2... DCTH doesn't have enough money to last that long, and given the negativity of the FDA towards DCTH, and given the deaths, and given the toxic side effects, do you really think they will approve EVER!
      Over the last 3 years I have bought and sold DCTH, at $14.00, at $11.00, and $7.00...even if it ever gets approved, good luck on getting ObamaCare to approve payments... and certainly Medicare willl not cover it... this is a bankruptcy and Hobbs has a lot of answering to do to the SEC... keep in mind, he knew of the deaths and problems, but still pumped the stock, and never told the investors of the negative reports.

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    • Does anyone have an example of a 0-16 vote turning into FDA approval? Love to see it.

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      • nope, but what I did find in one article was " the FDA rarely skews from its advisory panels’ “No” recommendations. During 2010 and 2011, of the nine “No” votes furnished by advisory panels, the FDA agreed with all of them, and from 2007 through 2010, the FDA flipped on only three “No” votes in 120 panel meetings" Now it didn't say the ratio of no vs yes votes on the flips, but I feel strangely confident that 16-0 "no" will not be overturned. These fine, knowledgeable people that throw out such statements of impending FDA approval despite ADCOM, are either a) hurting real bad and lashing out, b) parents REAL closely related and has affected their neo-cortex functioning correctly, or c) just trolling.

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