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  • emax1mil emax1mil Feb 1, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    I hate AF

    Someone should put him in jail. I have lost so much money in the past because of him in Biotech. Always, alway, always, this mother f'er comes along the most crucial moment for a stock to break through some price level, and post something negative about it. It happened in GALE, and ARNA, and he was absolutely wrong on both accounts, yet I lost money because the market panics when he posts something because he has so much influence. He is a risk to investors. The AF risk is probably greater than anything I have ever encountered when investing in stocks. The amount of headline risk relative to other industries is so great because of him.

    He is no analyst, he is a kid, and he thinks the stock market is his playground. Someone with that much market moving power should not be allowed to disseminate his "opinion" in such blatant ways. He is not careful and considerate of the small investor, because he is ignorant and proud. His opinion has the same effect as any material non public information that when released adversely affects the companies.

    In his last POS article by the street he boosts his credibility and then dumps on NAVB. What a joke. When looking at the other miserable calls he has made, its a #$%$ slap in the face to all us investors. It is our capital, and the lifes of patients who are at stake in the end, yet he believes he is doing some good to the world. I cannot understand him.

    I am sick of it really. I don't want to be an investor in biotech anymore. I retire my capital from this AF infected industry into an industry where my money is not held hostage my some idiot with his balls for a brain. I wish luck to all of you in this field, and please account for this guys insanity when investing in Biotech. It can save you some money.

    NAVB is my last position. I am not selling as of yet, I do believe there can be a breakthrough to the upside still.

    P.S. The sale of long calls at this moment, right before the stock is making an obvious break, and right before AF posts his bear article, is really "strange", or it is just absurd.

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