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  • emax1mil emax1mil Mar 5, 2013 6:30 PM Flag

    if they tell you jump off the cliff, do you do it? Your an idiot if you sold..

    that about sums it up. There are other ratings on the stock. $3 dollar hold, a $5 overweight, and now a $1.5 underweight. All from analysts. so basically around $3.

    Just hold your shares. Do you think that private placement was nothing?/? They actually made an investment. Because they believe there is value, they are willing to risk their money.

    Piper jafffrays is not buying or selling, they are just doing their jobs as analysts. But do you think they are putting their money where their mouth is?? I don't think so.

    Think objectively people.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    But if someone tells you to jump off the bridge, do you jump off? God, some people have weak hands. Like whatever anyone says dictates their behavior. Chickens are smarter than that.

    And what the hell is up with all these bashers that come out of nowhere. Like they been hiding waiting for this moment. Of course they want to push the shares down so they can either profit short, or cover lower, or buy lower.

    Don't let them get your money.

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    • Am I correct in assuming that Piper is now the largest brokerage covering Navidea? I guess that might #$%$ a few people tomorrow. Of course, being larger doesn't mean they're smarter. I wonder if their low valuation for LS is based on their projected price per dose, or market penetration? If you are confident in Navidea, then you'll probably have a chance to pick up shares at lower price tomorrow.

    • I bet many of those shares that were sold were orchestrated to cause a panic. I am sure only a few of those shares were really sold by investors who freaked. Something just doesn't seem right. Also, when you have groups of well educated experts, you usually get some sort of consensus on opinion with only a few outliers. Piper Jaffray's analysis was way off-base. Not even an outlier; it should be treated simply as erroneous information.

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