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  • pdt6343 pdt6343 Mar 26, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    Navb:We go to $7 when H & N info comings out and or Alz or Park


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    • Unlikely, H&N represents a small market segment. The real short term money is in Breast and Melanoma. We will get a high % of those owing to the character of the drug and the power and control of Cardinal. H &N will likely give us a broader indication but acceptance of that indication will take time.Studies within the specific indication will be needed to demonstrate the utility of Sentinel Node mapping in other cancers.To date those studies have been pretty unimpressive. One can dismiss them on the basis of SC not performing well but SC is not used in the rest of the world, other agents are . Those agents do no suffer all the SC shortcomings and studs has shown little significant utility in cancers other than Breast and Melanoma. 7 is for sure possible but H&N will not make it happen---Alzheimer's and Parkinson's drugs will have to carry some of that load. My guess is LS is worth 4 alone. The other drugs can take us to 7 and more. We need to quit setting unrealistic expectations for LS. It is a damn good drug and will do well but the market will set the limit. Capture 100% of the short term market and you cannot get to 7 on LS alone.

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    • BINGO! Also throw in European approval.

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