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    Has there ever been any mention of the overall revenue generated by blue dye and sulfur colloid world wide. I guess if these numbers where available we could come up with a worldwide revenue estimate for Lymphoseek as I look for Lymphoseek to cause the phase out of BD and SC. We could be sitting on a billion dollar drug here with all indications in place. I like.

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    • Sulfur colloid is not used worldwide. Most of Europe uses Nanocol, Japan and Asia are inclined to use a Tin based carrier. Australia uses Antimony I think. Blue dye is used almost everywhere however outside the US they use generic blue dye that sells for around 1 dollar per dose Only the US uses Lymphazurin at 100 per dose. So Estimating the revenue might be a bit tricky. Having said that one can pretty much get a ball park by taking the total world cancer stats and using about 80 percent of the annual occurrence for Breast and Melanoma as the base unit market. Then multiply all US figures by about 200 dollars and all other markets at 100. It wont be exact but it will be really close.

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    • yes a billion dollar drug trading at 2.71 ja ok

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      • LS is not a billion dollar drug. To generate a billion bucks at 300 per dose you would need 3,300,000 patients. current market is around 300,000 patients. Even with broader application there is no chance at a billion bucks in revenue with LS alone. NAvidea has clearly built a pipe that might get it to a billion dollar company, But LS by itself has no chance of getting that revenue. Unrealistic expectations of LS will likely damage it more in the future than any other signal event that can influence it.

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      • I'm an investor not a trader. I have enjoyed the chance to add shares at this and lower prices.
        Textbook buy in here from those who have no idea and especially from the shorts who I believe are
        somewhat trapped here mainly because of the high number of barrowed shares that must in time be bought back. Pipeline and buyout possibility would scare the H out of me if I were short.

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