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  • financialsforfun financialsforfun Nov 6, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    MAJOR lead drug distribution only to Cardinal

    Do you know how many other nuclear pharmacies there are out there? I know about 277. People do not like Cardinal Nuclear for the most part and they are not going to order from them when they order from someone else. They will just use Sulfur Colloid. This will sink NAVB unless they open distibution channels.

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    • Agree 100%

    • To be sure exclusive distribution agreements are a double edge sword. On the one hand you get a dedicated sales force strongly encouraged to sell the house brand (in this case lymphoseek). On the other you get a hole in distribution where the exclusive distributor does not control distribution. Virtually no distributor has 100% market share. Thus you must weigh what is to be gained by the exclusive vs what is to be lost by distribution market share or lack there of. Knowing a bit about this deal I will offer that the choice of Cardinal was an seemly remains a good choice. I know many of the people within the radio pharmacy group and they are good at what they do. I have speent time with many of them and they are both interested and willing the question is are they being managed or are they just being pumped. Don't know that but based on past experience I still think this was and remains a good choice. Right gun has been chosen but do we have the right folks loading aiming and trying to fire????

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    • "People do not like Cardinal Nuclear (it's Cardinal Health btw) for the most part and they are not going to order from them when they order from someone else."

      Now CH does $100 billion, yes billion in annual sales and you say people don't buy from them. That dog don't hunt, as they say OR that doesn't hold water. Some people, a freakin lot of the them, like CH if they are selling $100 billion a year in sales. That's a lot of buying from someone that like them and they must like them a heck of a lot.

      What are you, an idiot or a basher. It has to be one or the other as the proof, factual proof, says you clearly don't know what you are talking about with the proof being $100 billion a year in sales. Wow!!!!

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      • Cardinal Nuclear had been loosing customers and market share left and right. They are like Time Warner of cable. #$%$ service and poor management. With Cardinal Nuclear alone, this WILL FAIL. Hope for a new conrtact with the rest of the 300 some nuclear pharmacies. Cardinal only has around 140 pharmacies and is shrinking faster than a melting ice cube.

    • This is the problem folks.

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      • Not sure this is the problem. A high % of Cardinals existing SC volume is worth more than a lower per centage of everybody else SC volume. Cardinal is the largest US supplier of radiolabled SC. At present the problem is the market response time or alternately the failure of the sales process starting at Navidea and passing right thru Cardinal. In addition one must seriously consider what the market is in terms of actual existing procedures.Not the BS Excel spreadsheet numbers that get put forth regarding all sorts of future procedures. RIGHT NOW the market is defined by a % of Breast Cancers and a % of Melanoma. There is no meaningful volumes from PROSTATE __OR COLON OR LUNG OR Any other of the common cancers. There may be some day but we need sales right now. Time to quit fiddling around and get in front of the existing SC customer and sell the benefits of your product. This is a complex sale a better be treated like one. Rule one in complex sales is you damn well better solve a problem for the customer and you better be able to describe the problem your customer has as sometimes they wont know they have a problem. Beginning to look like we are taking our eye off the ball with Lymphoseek and letting Cardinal drift. A drifting distributor is no distributor at all. To quote somebody famous--not sure who---"Nothing happens till a sale is made".--No production, No finance---no marketing (yes marketing and sales are different disciplines).

      • I expected SO much more from Cardinal. What a Disappointment.
        The sad thing is, it is going to be a LONG 3 months of trading here...I hope the price goes up, but I really doubt it and I was the one who actually thought sales would be 10 times what they were.
        Cardinal is such a huge company, multiple divisions, so trying to get them motivated externally will not is up to Cardinal management to realize that this part of their company could be producing significant revenues if they get off their lazy butts and market Lymphoseek.
        I just hope this stock goes back to $1.90 so I can dump it and move on to something else.
        Just a major disappointment in sales, I honestly would never of thought only $400,000, that is totally uncalled for and pathetic.
        They will need 20 times this just to run this company without having to dilute every 3 quarters.

      • Does Cardinal have an exclusive contract with them?


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