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  • chrxind chrxind Oct 28, 2011 8:05 PM Flag

    RRC and NG Prices

    Good points. Another value-added component (an extension to my intrinsic value theme) and this was mention several times at the conference call, is the midstream and major transmission pipeline build out and expansion projects. You can have high-priced gas but if you have an inefficient midstream and transmission pipeline system, your really at your end; all dressed up but no where to go! When in the field, it makes you think when you see the remnants of the old McDonald oil field gathering pipelines, typically 2 to 4 inches in diameter, toothpicks compared to the gathering systems today. The current midstream build out has come along way in past 2-3 years, and much more is on the way. Great thing it is all new. The Marcellus killed the KMP multi-billon dollar Rockies Express Pipeline project which dead ends in eastern Ohio, suppose to go all the way across southern PA to NY/NJ The reason is Spectra was quick to upgrade its transmission pipeline system to include loops for storage. NI, Nat Fuel Gas, and Equitrans did and doing the same. EPD has an open season for a new ethane line from Liberty to PADD-3. This will be a very expensive project though the right-of-way is in place via TEPPCO. It’s also going to cost more to downstream end users. And I believe environment impact studies etc. will definitely slow the project. But indeed the take-away ethane value is a very much real and is a must for all E&P outfits involved. MWE and RRC have planed Mariner East and West projects in place with SXL. Ethane IMO has created a PADD-3 versus PADD-1 chemical industry battle; and PADD-1, I believe will get its ethane crackers as well as new ethylene and related plants, again all this is going to be brand new facilities. In addition, a rail NGL take-away project is underway. Impact is end users of purity NGLs now have a new source from PADD-1 in lieu of PADD-3 via rail. Note the railway connects via WLE to all Class I’s including CNI to Canada. So for the first time, PADD-3 has real competition as PADD-1 picks up. Lower commodity prices, I don’t think too bad for efficiently operated outfits having brand new infrastructure; definitely great for a weak economy. One other value point, the infrastructure is out of hurricane alley. Oh also, some RRC’s Marcellus wells do produce crude oil. Now I guesstimated that for about a little over 200 wells, together averaged at or about 190 barrels per day. Now remember RRC has only drilled about 4% of the acreage, and this only includes the Marcellus formation. We’re now beginning to tap into the shallower Upper Devonian, and I suspect that is where potentially more oil can be had. So it will be important to keep an eye on the production and type of production on the Upper Devonian wells. My gut is we may get more oil in addition to the other goodies plus at lower cost. How much? Don’t know, but there are still oil wells producing in the area since the early 1900’s and beginning to see rework on some the mid-late 1970’drilled oil wells that have been non-producing since the late 70’s and mid 80’s. IMO for RRC and others, the Upper Devonian performance is critical.

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