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  • intarz intarz Nov 29, 2012 6:01 PM Flag

    How Prevalent is Parallel Fracking?

    I notice a company in Wetzel Wva. got two great wells in the Marcellus (9 and 6 mcfd) employing a parrallel fracking technique. What they did is drill two long paralell laterals apparently in the sweet spot and then fracked both at the same time. I remember when they first started to drill in Wetzel about 4 years ago 1 mcfd wells with liquids were solid wells. Zipper fracks were used early on in the Marcellus but I don't think these were so successful.

    Shell has permitted a number of wells in Northern PA. Some of the locations have 8 to 10 permits. If I am reading their permit codes correctly they are going to drill up to two upper D formations (probably Geneseo and Rhinestreet) the Marcellus and Utica on each location. What intriques me is that they are permitting the wells in pairs such as two Marcellus, four Upper d's and two Uticas. I was wondering if they were just going to drill two wells stiking out in opposite directions. Now I am wondering if they plan to try some parrallel fracks.

    From what I have seen in the last four years these Shale successes are the result of engineering advances more than what is in the shale. First they started to use larger casing for better fracks, then they went to super fracks where they closed the frack intervals, then finding the sweet spot became the rage. I just wonder if this is another advance. Please reply if you are aware this approach is being used more frequently.

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