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Asset Acceptance Capital (AACC) Message Board

  • internet.student internet.student Nov 30, 2011 3:54 PM Flag

    Things to do if AACC sues you.

    1. Make sure you have no assets that are not protected in the USA. If you have a place in Europe leave the cash there. If you have cash in USA bring to Europe.
    Look up how much in assets you can have under bankruptcy rules.
    Have them prove you owe the debt if they can't you win.
    Make them prove you have made a payment in the period of time regarding statute of limitations. Look up your states law.
    Write a change of venue to Europe when you submit the questions they will send to you. If you personally have not made payments you win.
    If the change of venue is turned down make sure you show up in court. If they don't show up you win. If they do then you have to fight it out in court.
    Hopefully you win. If not and you are not working along with having no assets in the courts jurisdiction they still have to fight it out in the place you have assets. If it is overseas and you have assets overseas it will cost them too much to try to win. It helps if you have done business with the top lawyer in the area you have your place over there.
    Then you either win the case in court or at least you don't lose any money or assets.
    Good Luck