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  • FICA_Dude FICA_Dude Nov 4, 2002 2:15 PM Flag

    Value Investment?

    Today, Yahoo's worth over $10 billion. This means if you were lucky enough to buy the whole company, you could become richer than Bill Gates in just a few......weeks; months; years; centuries?

    Well, first you'd have to make $2 billion per year net income just to get a 20% justify risk.....even though we girls know there is no risk worth mentioning.

    So, when will Yahoo NET $2 billion?

    Or, should I ask when will it GROSS $2 billion.

    Probably not in my lifetime.

    So why is owning a fraction of a percent of yahoo ok, if owning it all is obviously a stupid, dumb move?

    Anyone got an answer that uses math and not jargon; smoke; mirrors; mumbo jumbo?

    I thought all of you tech investors and momentum players were either dead or bankrupt by now...........I guess I was wrong.

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    • It's so obvious that the numbers don't add up. These nuts buy on their broker's recommendation and then sue him. The broker comes up with charts and other technical analysis stuff that clearly shows Yhoo's worth over $50 billion. Everyone, the plaintiff, judge, and attorneys sit back in awe scratching their asses wondering why it tanked. Then the plaintiff gets a shotgun and blows his own head off believing his demise was just bad luck.

      so goes the new millenium.

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      • Exactly! In fact, you could have invested your $10 billion in t-bills and made $100 million dollars last Quarter, while Yahoo only made $29 million........most of it using smoke and mirrors no doubt.

        It's just so pathetic.

        But, this is how shorts make money.......searching for numskulls and taking away their candy.

        Actually, I change my mind I think everyone out there should buy Yahoo right now before it's too late.....train's leaving the station.

    • Poeple think Yhoo is just like CMGI and ICGE in 1999. What idiots.

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