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  • A_J_Pennypacker A_J_Pennypacker Dec 12, 2006 8:12 PM Flag

    Semel re-arranging the deck chairs...

    Look out below. Wall Street was expecting a re-org which included Semel's outster. Instead, Semel selfishly placed himself at the top of three groups all of which report directly to him. wow...

    As if splitting into three groups is going to make a difference. How about a new brain at the top? The old brain has done nothing but drive a beautiful company into the ground.

    Semel is a convoluted B.S.'er at best. His long winded sentences are bloated and meandering, just like the new formats offered on Yahoo. Have you tried looking for something on the new TV page? Good luck! I don't even try any more.

    The Yahoo Real Estate section is a complete JOKE! In an era when any dufus can look on MLS at any broker's site, Yahoo makes you get MLS listings only after you've provided your email address. That was popular 5 years ago!

    Everything Yahoo has done is plain laughable. They are years behind the curve and it is shocking to see the new formats. Here's a prime example. The old maps used to say 'to' and 'from'. simple enough, right? the new one's say 'a' and 'b'. Well, what the hell kind of improvement is that??? What is 'a' and what is 'b'?

    The chat rooms are loaded with the same porn that Pepsi warned Yahoo about 5 years ago threating to pull their ads!!! Semel has turned the other cheek so to speak and has done NOTHING about the porn! I've been emailing Yahoo for 5 years about this same thing. I have nothing against porn in its proper place. But guess what, it helped to spawn which now dominates this 'kids' social arena. Yahoo HAD it, and blew it. All of it under Semel's keen and watchful eyes.

    We need a new CEO and Chairman of the board before this craft lists any more. We're going to the single digits and I can't wait for that. I'm going to sell shortly unless a new Ceo announcement is made soon. It's time for the Board of Directors to get off their dupers!

    Anyone with half a brain could make a case for Semel's ouster but this board is sound asleep. Semel is so entrenched as a Chairman AND CEO I think it's quicker to go to bankruptcy to get him out. That is a conflict that should be illegal and mamy companies refuse to have a Chairman/CEO. Now we all know why!

    I'm long, but not for long. Tomorrow may be it for me....I cannot take this Boards lack of action any longer. Heck, Fidelity had less patience than I!

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