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  • teknorhino teknorhino Jun 4, 2008 5:26 PM Flag

    Icahn wants blood but is it best for Yahoo?

    Lets face it. Icahn is not doing it for you or for me the common stock holders. He is doing it to make a quick buck. Look, running a company is like raising a child. Steve Jobs, the founder and current CEO of Apple was outsted once and only to have come back and increased share holder value by 2000% in a few years. Okay, so you all are ready to crucify Yang and ready to sell him out using his own creation. I think that there is an element of racism here if you think about it. Yahoo's stock price has doubled within 5 years and what about MSFT? I own both and let me tell you, MSFT is a dog for the past 5 years when comes to stock performance. Google is an anomally... people fell in love with it and it ran off like a rocket. Google stole overture's ad platform and Yahoo screwed up by not litigating Google to death about it. Yes, maybe it is an issue that Yahoo dropped the ball, but you also have to realize that Yang, Filo, Page and Brin all went to Stanford and were funded by the same venture company. Can you say inbreed? This is just reality of the business and if you don't like what Yahoo is doing, then sell it. I personally think Yang will lead Yahoo into a better future and I really do not like what Icahn is doing. Why? because Icahn just want to make that quick 300million and that is all he care about. So don't be jumping into his corner and wanting to burn Yang too quick. I support Yang and Filo and I think Yahoo is better off not being bought by MSFT and come up with another game plan. So support Yang and let them do their work to rebuild Yahoo. Sometimes, it is more then just making fast money today.

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    • Yang is no Steve
      jobs. Face it Yahoo can't compete with Google. They can't make it on their own. They need to merge with a partner if they are to compete. Icahn will force a Yahoo Microsoft combination. This will benefit Yahoo and Microsoft. Yang is the problem. He is the roadblock. He needs to go and so does the Board.

    • Yang to Yahoo vs Ahmedinejad to Iran! Think of it! They talko too much! but do nothing good ey!

    • One problem (there are more) with your post is that you seem to think it is wrong for Ichan to move in and try to make money off of YHOO's failure to perform.

      This is money, my friend. Not some religious loyalty we're talking about. Yang and the BOD have failed. They have lost confidence of a significant number of shareholders (see comments from major shareholders and lawsuits through this process).

      Yahoo management invited Ichan through their multi-year failure.

      And don't give that MS vs YHOO stock price game, thats just completely off topic. Unless you are saying YHOO is hiding huge excess revenue that they have to toss off as dividends sometime soon.

    • you are absolutely right, thanks!!

    • From what I can tell, Balmer is screwing around with Yang and Icahn got greedy thought Balmer was serious. There is no way Balmer is coming back to buy Yahoo, b/c MSFT itself is looking for a direction. I own both msft and yhoo and i am really thinking about selling msft for a loss. I doubled with yahoo and lost money with msft in the past five years. so Icahn is right about if you want to buy yahoo today and sell tomorrow, then it is best for Yahoo to sell itself to msft. but if you are a long term invester, then you would not want a merger to carry msft's baggage. there is no guarantee that msft would know what to do with yahoo.

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