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  • epsonpergrepson epsonpergrepson Jun 11, 2008 10:12 AM Flag


    cARL ICAHN is a highly aggresive risk taker who appears to have all the bases covered.
    Many shareholders to this forum on jumping on his bandwagon and hope to make a quic buck if MSFT should buy Yahoo.
    We have seen the July 3 shareholders meeting pushed back to August 1 and a buck dip withiin the past week. Exchanges between Yang and Icahn via the media paints a desperate portrait from both parties. The Delaware pension fund lawsuit won't be settled before the August 1 meeting as we all know that the wheels of justice move very, very slowly.
    Assume Balmer is getting some advice from Buffet and you can count on the fact that a drive down in Yahoo pps would be beneficial to MSFT. VectorVest place a pps value on Yahoo at $6.
    Google is a competitor of Yahoo and that ad-revenue venture will jot be closed overnight...if it ever does get off the ground.
    Carl Icahn is a 74-year old man and you might want to view some YOUTUBE videos of the man in action. Pay particular attention to his performance at some Comedy Club regarding the Texaco/getty deal. This guy can have a stroke or drop dead of a heart attack at any moment and you can rest assured that the pps of Yahoo would plummet to $18 within the hour. I am sure Mr. Icahn did not include his sudden demise in covering all corners of the MSFT/YHOO acquisition.
    This deal is far from coming to a close. It is highly speculative and a real crap shoot. Too many varialbes can bring this stock down and Jerry Yang would definately go out of his way to see Yahoo drop below $20....he is already loaded and really does just wants to go thru the motions of running a large company. I really do not think he is both motivated or bright enough to take Yahoo to the next level. If Yang dropped dead today...the stock would probably rise seven bucks.
    Long haul and a hot summer points to liquidating your position and letting the powers that be continue to beat each other up. Balmer in no hurry and won't do anything till Bill Gates officially leaves office on July 1.
    Enjoy the summer. This show is beginning to go into rerun hiatus.

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