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  • steve22366 steve22366 Jul 17, 2008 10:04 AM Flag

    Deal, YES or No? vote plz...

    yes or no.. i vote yes

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    • Of course I vote yes, I'd rather have $27 or $31 or $33 or $35 now than $22-23 or the $18-19 it will drop to if deal is aborted again. The people saying YHOO will get to 30s on it's own in a few months or even a year or more are blowing hot air IMO, this company is mature and has plenty of competition now, the huge growth phase is over. It's not going to go up 40/50/60% on it's own in a short period of time if ever. The only reason deal has not been completed already is entrenched management, they want to keep their cushy jobs with huge salaries/bonuses/options. Which is understandable BUT when a company goes public the board's responsibilites become to the shareholders. And IMO it's in the best interest of shareholders to take the offer. As for those greedy people who want a couple bucks more than what's being offered, that IS just plain greed, if you can get say $31-35 for your $19 stock is it worth risking losing it all for a couple bucks?

    • Nobody with the power to deal is willing to do so. A deal is as far off as ever, nothing has changed that. The people demanding a deal have no say in the matter and no power to do anything but hope and dream.

    • Yes deal... because if there's not a deal, some shareholders will sue Yahoo board otherwise.

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