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  • mirskitchen mirskitchen Jan 23, 2009 9:05 AM Flag

    Last quarter the press pre-slammed Yahoo

    and they met estimates...same will happen this quarter....Once those option set on Jan 27th, the deal gets done...

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    • The juxtaposition of your sober assessments of yahoo, and the effort you committed to it are interesting.

      I surmised your persistency bears some traces of a woman-spurned syndrome you seem to have corroborated in

      "And as you can see I did not start the post, I did not make the false statement that Yahoo had met estimates when they were 60% from it.

      I do enjoy responding to the blatant lies of the pumpers on this board. Exposing their stupidity and ignorance. Their blind adoration of Bartz, the BOD and analysts that haven't gotten Yahoo right for years. Giving them a swift kick in the balls is also fun.

      The strange thing is that I do like Yahoo, but not Bartz, the Yahoo BOD and the inflated price of it's stock. I don't like the Microsoft deal, I don't think it will get approval and I don't think anybody is ever going to buy Yahoo. But all that is not Yahoo."

      Let us be where we are now. Some sense will eventually emerge.
      -Even though I do not count on yahoo to do that ever.

    • They missed estimates by about 60%, estimates were $0.09 and outcome was $0.04. Yahoo is dangerously close to showing a loss.

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