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  • split29_2005 split29_2005 Feb 23, 2009 12:57 PM Flag

    Chit chat on the Yahoo Boards

    Has anyone noticed that when board discussions begin to slow, a troop moves in and generates discussion?

    Led by:
    Mandyr589 or
    Mandeee_licious or
    Amanda_licioso, etc

    Jadfwao_nd, or a host of other jadfwau_xx - you can fill in the two letters (ca, ny, mn, etc.)

    and invariably one with “storm” in the id:
    Storm_on_stocks etc.

    Does anyone think this is just coincidence? They have these intent discussions amongst themselves, some of which can be interesting. They never seem to interact with the regulars on the board (although, one could congratulate them on that!), and they seem to follow each other to other tech boards with regularity. They also seem fairly well informed.

    Now who has time to set up things like this? Can’t be a group of kids – they wouldn’t have the insight into the stock or maybe the focus required to keep the ids straight. They're unlikely to actually be your average employed people (who has the time?), and the writing style often looks like the message stream was produced by a single person. Is it possible that this is a Yahoo initiative to generate traffic on the board? Perhaps something that is more significant than recommending fake diets, or directing people to bogus websites?

    If these are ids generated by someone paid by Yahoo, are they used to beef up traffic on the board, a la click fraud? Is there enough reward for that type of activity to justify the effort? I don't actually care but I'm curious.

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