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  • sps14626 sps14626 Mar 5, 2009 3:56 PM Flag

    this market is like a coiled spring

    read where the DOW is 34% below its 200 day moving average and situations like this don't last long. also there has to be a ton of cash sitting on the sidelines just waiting. would not want to be short anything at these levels. Paul

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    • is your $26 position coming alone?

      Not so good.

    • Yuppers. There's been a lot of good advice passed out on this board over the past year, and the vast majority of it came from us "paid bashers". Haha.

      OK, so now I have some questions for you about this sports co. that Bartzy just pocketed. I took a look at the site and it looks a little light.

      All the fantasy sports games seem to be tied into Facebook and I don't have an account there so I can't say how good they are.

      There appears to be no visible advertizing on the site currently so that is sure to change. If there was advertizing there, it's been pulled.

      Passing along sports news and live scores by SMS is done by everyone, so that's not worth many millions.

      Then there's the usual blog / chat functionality found in all social networking sites.

      I "Street Viewed" the building where the business is housed and it looks quite ordinary in an average sort of neighborhood.

      Without a more in depth analysis of this purchase, my initial thought is that the vast majority of the $50 million, if that is what was paid, has to be for something outside the infrastructure.

      BTW I notice they are using Google Maps to identify their location. I wonder when that will change.

      That Ma guy who co-founded the company is a gambler kind of guy whose life served as a model for the movie 21. I think this gamble may have paid off big time for him.

    • Question for goingbravo although I don't really expect an answer...

      This thread is over a year old now. How much have you made following the strategy outlined below?

      Does this sound familiar? You posted it in March 2008 when YHOO was $28 so presumably you paid more than that for your shares.

      "I put almost my total retirement on this stock (all Roth IRA) that is the reason I care so much about YHOO."

      Sadly that March 2008 thread has expired, but its memory lingers on as does my advice for actually making money on YHOO.

    • I mispelled "aisle", sorry for the typo!!

    • Hey hotmodel, this is a post I never expect to say to you. Thanks my friend, I really appreciate your comments, although we are still oppositie side of the aile as far as YHOO is concerned. Honestly, I do not know how covered calls operate or how to execute it!!

    • Like I said this market is very, very volatile. Very risky to buy on margin. Ride the market by buying CASH ONLY period!!!!

    • only those interested in making money. plenty more to drop.

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