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  • goingbravo goingbravo Oct 21, 2011 8:43 PM Flag

    Very confident final sale price: $25 to $34!

    I heard $16 to $18. I heard $17. But it will be $25 to $34 and YHOO will say take it or leave it or leave me alone I will move forward and wait for Alibaba Group IPO (Ma needs capital to expand business). Then I will spin off this Chinese to shareholders yesssssssssssssssss!

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    • It isn't going to be anywhere near 34 idiot. Maybe 20 if lucky and if it happens.


    • I obviously do not know the exact book value of YHOO but I am basing my estimate between $25 to $34 only what financial that is reported here.

      --Barron reported that YHOO Q3 report stated that their Asian assets is worth $20.4B
      --YHOO has cash on hand of about $3B
      --YHOO has about 1.2B outstanding shares
      --Citi analyst Mahaney during Thursday morning CNBC interview stated that YHOO core at a minimum is worth $7B
      --Simple calculation $30B
      --my assumption is that takeover or buyout always provide "premium", I say 5% to 50%.
      --Please note that MSFT gave YHOO 60% premium during their takeover but foiled in Feb 08. Yes, true today YHOO is the YHOO in 2008. But today that YHOO $1B investment in Alibaba is now worth (call your $$$ number my friedn) based it on $20.4B.

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