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  • kittycrazy21 kittycrazy21 Dec 4, 2011 8:14 PM Flag

    now is the time - contact BOD

    why not just contact Chief Jerry directly?

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    • just sent my email:

      Dear Jerry:

      as a Yahoo stockholder, I am shocked by the news reports of proposed minority investment plans
      the Board of Directors apparently is considering

      it is clear that these proposals are designed to dilute and disenfranchise the common stockholder
      like myself and benefit a few minority shareholding insiders such as yourself

      please understand clearly that you and the board of directors will be held accountable for any
      actions you may undertake in this that hurt the interests of the larger community of shareholders

      may I remind you, that as a member of the Board, you have a duty of loyalty to ALL the shareholders
      and are obligated not to favor yourself or other insiders in such transactions

      you role, in particular, has become highly controversial and obviously conflicted, and you should
      clearly have been removed from any consideration of such proposals

      may I remind you that your phenomenal mishandling of the Microsoft acquisition proposal and
      your company's declining position in the marketplace since then bring into question your general
      competence to be on the board in the first place (in fact it will probably be long studied in business
      schools as classic examples of incompetence)

      it is time that you showed that you have the intelligence and integrity to do what is right for those
      who have entrusted their hard earned money in support of a company that you have no clue how
      to operate successfully

      please consider a retirement form the scene, you can well afford it, and it will be well received by a
      vast majority of stockholders

      looking forward to your doing the right thing


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