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  • lip2525 lip2525 Mar 17, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    Somebody please explain...

    we own 40 percent of alibaba but yet we see zero profits from any of our asian assets. If yhoo japan nor any of the china investments are on our books and jack ma is seeing all of the profits right now what do we really get for owning these assets and why would they sell? if i owned 40 percent of a bar i would want my cut every quarter.we see nothing on our books from what they do over the pond?

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    • rlclark4 Mar 17, 2012 1:35 PM Flag

      shareholders will never be compensated until asian assets are montized. Not now not ever.

    • You own a part of Yahoo, how much of the Yahoo profits do you see?
      Yahoo has in the past sold assets, did they ask you? Did you get anything?
      Yahoo gets a dividend from Yahoo Japan, have you seen any part of that?
      Yahoo to Alibaba Group is like you to Yahoo; a shareholder, nothing more. Don´t imagine that owning a large stake gives a shareholder some special rights.
      When and if Alibaba Group ever shows profits that they feel adequate to warrant a dividend Yahoo will get a dividend like other shareholders.

      “what do we really get for owning these assets“ as a shareholder you get nothing but entertaining rumors. And selling is not an easy thing. Nobody is going to buy a large minority part of a private Chinese company with hostile management. Any buyer need to make Jack Ma their best friend ever and get his approval to risk buying.
      But management and those not willing to sell Yahoo get to suggest that this asset is worth so much that nobody will ever dream of offering that price. And shareholders will not accept what they have been led to believe is a lowball offer. Not $30 in 2008 and not $16 in 2012.
      As long as there is an asset with an unknown value many Yahoo shareholders will consider it worth billions more than anyone is willing to pay. A no-sale guarantee for those not willing to sell at any price.

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      • So, as a shareholder, we are basically in the dark not knowing the true value of the assets and must own yhoo stock as if these holding do not exist bc thats how the stock trades. Even if the value of these assets are 20 billion they are worthless until cashed in. I just dont understand why cashing in on these assets is like pulling teeth? Greed? Something is better than nothing this stock has r=traded at 14-16 for years and we the stockholders have seen nothing while the market has rocketed off the lows. There has to be play that yhoo is missing.

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