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  • fishnman1973 fishnman1973 Sep 12, 2012 3:12 AM Flag

    WashingtonTimes says Obama has worst record since WWII

    August’s abysmally weak job growth proved yet again that President Obama’s economic policies are a miserable failure that will continue to undermine our country until he leaves office.

    The government’s report that the economy added just a minuscule 96,000 jobs last month came at the end of the Democrats’ defensive national convention, where the president, Bill Clinton and other party luminaries made extravagant claims that things will get better if Mr. Obama is re-elected to a second term. (actually, 96,000 jobs weren't added because the Dept Labor dropped over 300,000 people as actice participants in the labor pool because they ran out of benefits!!)

    But analysts at the Federal Reserve Board, economists and business leaders say Mr. Obama’s declining economy is not going to get significantly better this year, next year or the year after that, until there are dramatic changes in the nation’s fiscal policies. Changes Obama Democrats refuse to make.

    Read more: Obama on track to have worst job record since World War II - Washington Times

    Where's Yahoo "news" on this? - Too busy kissing up to Obama

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    • leestoller Sep 12, 2012 5:54 AM Flag

      Obama is perhaps the worst president ever!!!! The worse is yet to come if he's reelected. Yahoo is a winner big time!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Washington times is a fanatic Republican paper.

      Boehner and the Congressional Republicans are working overtime to retard recovery by destabilizing the business/investing environment and so dampening investment in the US. Their donors don't have to worry about getting a job. Republicans in Congress will make a living after their faithful service. For example Rep Sen Gramm, who wrote the legislation enabling unregulated derivatives and worked hard in the Senate for Wall Street on financial "reform" for years eventually went to work as a Washington lobbyist for the Utah subsidiary of UBS, the Swiss bank. He was a VP. Now he has a nice job with the Heritage Foundation AFAIK.

      Romney is running on a crony Capitalism and plutocracy platform. That is a formula for failure that has been a disaster in country after country in modern times. It fails because it is not Capitalism and Markets which we know succeeds. Wall Street and present US medical care overall are crony Capitalist bubbles bought in Pay-To-Play Washington. They are eating more than a quarter of US GDP and also retarding recovery.

      The Republican "trickle down" or "supply side", Romney's economics, is a hoax, a cover story for redistributing wealth upwards. Do we get jobs out of it? No - we get offshore accounts, offshore investment, and shocking consumption. Wall Street and the Republicans detached themselves from Main Street years ago. Main Street is the real US economy. That's where most innovation and net new job creation happens. The corporations more and more buy their global interests in Pay-To-Play Washington, not American ones.

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      • The Republican majority House of Representatives have been passing budgets and job creating bills but the Democrat majority Senate has been blocking every single one of them.
        It takes a lot of money to develop ideas into products, test them for safety and to comply with thousands of fed regulations, and then to mass produce and market them. You libs are clueless about how business works. I own a small business and I emply a few people, but i can't afford to hire anymore because of the radical increase in federal regulations from Obama along with his $4 a gallon gas prices. ($1.60 when bush left) Obama's regulations caused even more companies to shut down factories in the US and outsource those jobs in other countries.

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