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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 15, 2012 5:30 PM Flag

    Obama:... Pretend, For A Moment, That You Own A Business...

    ... and you have 10 employees. Each of the 10 have different skill levels and different motivations.

    If you had financial difficulty and had to cut the pay of one of your employees, which one would you penalize?... the top performer, the bottom performer, or one of the 8 in between?

    Obama has to make the same choice. Who should he raise taxes on to help pay for the budget deficit?

    Mr. Obama has chosen to raise taxes on those Americans who invest in the most businesses that make America run, pay the most taxes that finance the deficits, and hire the most Americans to work for them...

    ... eg: the top 1%.

    The result: Americans are selling "domestic stock" mutual funds and investing in the emerging markets (china & india), gold, and bonds... eg: investments that don't grow the economy or employ Americans.

    Wealthy people are leaving the U.S... like Facebook's Edwardo Saverin and Apple's Steve Wozniak.

    "Capital Spending" is currently at a 50-year low... which is a big reason why GDP is barely growing and the number of americans either employed or wanting to work (the "labor participation" rate) is at an all-time low.

    For the past 100 years, every country that has done what Obama is now doing has experienced similar "capital flight" and a declining standard of living... EVERY SINGLE ONE... there are no exceptions... Greece is just the latest of hundreds of examples.

    And still, we re-elect Obama and prepare to embark on th 13th year of 16 straight years of the worst presidential leadership our country has ever experienced.


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    • Let's say we don't pretend. Just started a new business in Asia; sold all patents and manufacturing processes to new company. Terminated all 263 US employees. Manufacturing same products for same government customers at 1/5 the cost. Move to new country that paid large incentives for relocation.

      Thank you Mr Obama for helping us make decision.

    • Good Post. Better for all our boats to float even if most of us do not have Yachts.
      Old Barry prefers to torpedo anything bigger than a dingy in the name of fairness.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Can't blame Obama for at least trying to equalize things for the rest of us, decades of ridiculous wind falls for those you mention who have, in actuality done very little in return to keep this economy going. (Outsourcing and further stream lining despite Obama's 4 years of lower taxes...

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