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  • crabcakes888 crabcakes888 Nov 16, 2012 10:05 PM Flag

    Bottom 20% of Yahoo workers........"No Soup For YOU!!!!"

    I applaud Marissa's high level of urgency to separate the wheat from the chaff! I hate to say this but Yahoo can afford to lose 10% 15% 20% of their staff. Lots of empty suits hiding in cubicles, working from home and in nice corner offices. The bottom line is that she is taking the necessary steps to figure out who is valuable and can add to the bottom line and who is just showing up to work for a free lunch.....literally. GO MARISSA!!!!

    A word to all the Yahoo workers that know they won't cut it.........start your job search asap! Also a note to the Departments in Yahoo that are contributing zilch to the bottom line....... get ready to pack up shop. Your Department will probably not be in the 2013 Org. chart.

    All these cuts will amount to higher profit and/or new funds freed up to hire REAL talent that can make a difference to the bottom line. The free lunch is over folks.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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