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  • halgordon62 halgordon62 Nov 23, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    Does coldone's typing finger ever get tired and consider all his bogus id with their posts-Enough you sicko


    I mean come on ..Look at board it's all him or one of his id's and trying to call out hot.
    This is one sick SOG,
    I guess he has a powerful hate for hotmodel because and I am not trying to goad him Hotmodel is a smarter trader than coldone.
    I cannot believe with all the laughter at him and his bogus id's he keeps this up likes he does and maybe he is so far gone down mental lane that there is no coming back for him.
    He owns MENTAL LANE and all the houses on it.
    It must be a cul-de-sac because he keeps posting the same crap day after day like he was stuck on
    the day Hotmodel turned him down and he had to set on the short bus all by himself while all the other kids pointed and laughed at the kid with plaid pants and striped shirt with twinkies in his pocket and
    Elmer Fudd hat on and sideways with the taped eyeglasses and huge buck tooth.
    It has not got better for him.

    This topic is deleted.
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