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  • rhyc rhyc Nov 30, 2012 11:23 PM Flag

    #$%$ Mexico.


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    • I've lived among many Mexicans, and South and Central Americans, for several years.

      Kind, Polite, Gracious, and very friendly folks.

      And their children are some of the most well behaved that I've ever seen, in any situation. Toddlers included. I'm a Mother, and have 2 who are now 18 and older, who grew up with that same level of security and calmness that I see in the Mexican and South American children that I see on the streets I walk.

      I was probably much more strict than most of my background, being a White Woman, from a American/Alaska. I grew up in a large family, who didn't have much, until I was out on my own.

      My children learned a thing or two from me: I raised an eyebrow, and all was quiet on the Fussing Front.

      And our home had many books for all levels of reading, and plenty of interaction with both parents reading to the children. I'll even publicly thank my exes. I read to our babies from day 2 or 3. What else would a person who doesn't watch TV do?

      Both of my Ex spouses were quick to hold a baby and reading a story; it beat washing a floor, or a bathroom, or cooking a meal, or...

      They were comfy in their recliner, the baby was safe and being read to, and it worked for at least 30 mins., most evenings.
      I didn't mind Sports or the Weather Channel or a biz channel being on the TV, when Dad was on duty.

      No sitcoms, no movies, no crude language, and no violence, no news (due to violence.)

      Both of my daughters are probably of a higher IQ than I have. May they both take the opportunity to make the most of their own. I'm not quite certain that I have, of mine...

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