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  • dr.gloom Dec 4, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    The brave $28 Yahoo long.

    Dr_Gloom will now say a few words in praise of the brave $28 Yahoo long.

    You bought Yahoo at $28 when sane people advised you to brave.
    You bought at $26 when real traders screamed Yahoo is a brave.
    At 24 you said Icahn and the big boyz would run Yahoo back to $35 in no were being brave again.
    Those who still had pity on you said short at $22 and multiple $28 longs laughed bravely.
    Yahoo hit $20 and we began to see daily buys by the brave lord and his heroic minions as Yahoo dropped. Tempers flared and not for the first time or the last aliases were deleted only to return braver than ever denying all knowledge of former buys.
    Yahoo at $19 and the hero coined the phrase buy in the 19s while you can, but only his gaggle of followers listened to his brave speech. Slogans like Yahoo will go to $20 in 2010 and buy all you can in the teens became a rallying cry in every post.
    When Yahoo hit $18 a year later and started dropping we began again to see daring multiple daily buys by the fearless as Yahoo dropped to $11...
    Yahoo is now $18 and the brave $28 longs have never posted a single sale and only posted one buy since Yahoo was in the 16s and that only long after that buy was well in the green. Caution has come with maturity.
    With over 4 years in the red, badmouthing every trader who does better than him, it takes a brave man to think that only being down $10 is a victory when those he scorns have been raking in cash by the truckloads.

    Buy and sell, short and cover, trade to profit. Be brave or be rich and smart…as you want.

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    • dr.gloom Dec 7, 2012 1:23 PM Flag

      Strange, or perhaps not so strange considering how they trade, that with the average short position lasting less than 48 hours the $28 longs think that people hold the same short position for months and years.
      Also strange how the same swarm of $28 longs all think that everyone else is hotmodel and all feel an uncontrollable need to mention that in every other post.

    • dr.gloom Dec 7, 2012 10:13 AM Flag

      Anyone that bought Yahoo over the last 4 years is up. Just to bad that by that time coldone and his minions were already oldtimers.

    • Unread bore...

    • Thank you for your excellent post. Is like poetry.
      Still the highly randomized stock environment make us wrestle with the problem of induction, presupposing that a sequence of events in the future will occur as it always has in the past. I do not know, but I say lately there has been a "Obama-like" story that everybody wants to be true. Maryssa Mayer, for some intangible reason is the story that everyone wants to be a success. Given the momentarily irrational capacity of the market, you could be completely right, and still the stock will go to $24.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ancient history Gloom, who cares? Just you, coldone, and hotmodel. If you are sometimes long, as hotmodel also claims, how come you never post anything positive? Even hotmodel occasionally had good things to say about Alibaba, if constantly running down YHOO, as you do. I tend to believe you've lost big this time, and are hardly the trading range winner you want others to believe.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to mrjojangles2
      • Wondered when a back handed comment would come out! I've bumped where I said I wrote puts, a few times, and I'm no master of time travel so "claim" nothing. I've ALWAYS been positive on AG, for 5 YEARS dude, and if you type in Tencent, you'll find where I make a pretty fair comparison, 2 or 3yrs ago already. Sorry I didn't believe the buyout hype as Mewag has(I'm RIGHT), sorry I didn't believe the Facebook patent billions(right there as well). If you cut out the hype you too might be as accurate. Unlike you who was saying Thompson(who I predicted would be fired) was a better man, I've supported Marissa from DAY 1! I haven't played no sexist card, no lack of experience card or a buyout card. I haven't begged for dividends or a buyback either. I've always said acquisitions are the way to go and Marissa is doing exactly that. You haven't seen a single SELL out of me at had a SELL, just a few days ago. I've never given a low price target or even a recommendation to buy or sell. Unlike most who believe their own brand of #$%$ I actually do use Yahoo Investor Relations to make a case one way or the other. The most REALISTIC long here and pretty soon I'll buy those puts back for a tidy profit:)

    • leestoller Dec 4, 2012 4:10 PM Flag

      Strong Buy !! $27 by 12/27/12 $57 by 12/27/13

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • dr.gloom Dec 4, 2012 3:17 PM Flag

      And now theecoldone has had all his posts deleted once again.

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