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  • mrjojangles2 mrjojangles2 Dec 5, 2012 3:13 PM Flag

    Message to Hotmodel

    Mostly I skip your incessant bragging about how you are always right and a constant winner in YHOO. But once again, you placed another disingenuous post yesterday about my support of Scott Thompson. I clearly remember you never had anything negative to say about Thompson at first, but you started to squirm when the stock started moving up on "the street" warming up to him, on account of the cost cutbacks he was initiating, his track record at eBay/Paypal, and a lot of smart people saying this he had what it took to bring fresh ideas to Yahoo. Then, with him at the helm, the stock took a big jump on earnings, and your tired mantra and of the stock being in an interminable trading range was starting to get shot to pieces, as was your short position, or the game of semantics you play, where you no doubt own puts or sell calls rather than being short the stock. So you seemed thrilled to ask for his head in "resumegate," no doubt hoping the stock would take a dive on his getting fired, which it did. Lucky you, but don't confuse that with your imagined genius. I don't remember you ever having anything positive to say about Loeb either. It's no surprise that you claim to be long now ... after the stock went up. Your predictable MO of always being on the right side of the trade, along with berating others for their losses, their stupidity, their perversity, their body odor ... their mothers wear army boots ...

    BTW - the sentiment discosure box I check is often just a goof, and doesn't represent how I really feel about the stock, because it means NOTHING

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    • Re: move to West Bloomfield or right outside The Somerset Collections in Troy. Put your cardboard box up and if you ever get on my good side(doubtful) I'll hook you up at Beztak properties, a socialite friend owns part of it.

      Boring places. As I would guess your "socialite friend" is also boring. Money can't make people interesting, or humorous, or worthwhile. Not my kind of folks. Could care less about their money and their self-perceived status. The rest of us loathe them, for the most part. Often part of the 2% of the population "J-tribe" who got their money through family, nepotism, and government payouts and illegalities. The action is in the city. Detroit is coming back, and would come back even faster if we could get rid of both the criminals and the all-too-comfortable suburban crooks.

      I moved from Detroit a LONG time ago, but it is interesting to spend some of my time here again and work together with people here to bring this god-forsaken place back to at least some of its former glory. A little dangerous too. It could be worse. I could be stuck in Minnesota. Even Garrison Keillor seems bored with it these days.

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      • LOL you need some therapy...always picked on or what? Lot of pent-up anger? No matter what I've said you got some condescending garbage. Some backhanded comment last night when I wasn't even in your "ancient history" convo, make this #$%$ topic, somehow turn me paying respect into a dooossshhh move and even ripping on MN. My friend donated all her money and has paid her own way through her wedding planning business. Her family does have homes elsewhere including in Michigan...Traverse City and Bay City. That being said she's not the wealthiest people I know. I DO agree with you on the socialite attitude as it irritates me. Fortunately, the other ones are very normal. The irony is I used to watch the Tigers with Trammell, Deer, and Fielder all the time when they played the Twins growing up. Texas Rangers being, the other, with Juan Gone, Pudge(my favorite catcher) and Palmerio. Their hits would bounce 30yds on the old Metrodome turf. Like the teams just not the city at the moment. Dan Gilbert, moved Quicken Loans there I believe and some big real estate developer wants to build ag farms. I think Detroit can't afford the electricity for the light posts, like other cities that I've read, which is dangerous. Still have no idea why you're on that "J-Tribe" rant but you're in the USA and its only place where you can be a billionaire, almost overnight, as Zuckerberg or Sara Blakely can attest to. Sorry I was the BOTTOM 1% before and that is no fun. I sacrificed a LOT just to get capital to trade and invest. When the journey is over I'll follow Buffett and donate it. Work hard, work smarter, enjoy the journey and leave me out of your discussions.hahaha

      • Basket - about football - my Lions are not worth talking about this year - unless you bet heavily against them. I might defect to The Argonauts in the CFL. Or your Alouettes. But these names don't sound like tough football teams- LOL. Good luck here in YHOO.

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